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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spa Day!

Today's Spotlight: Judy's Salon & Spa
Relaxing while waiting for the receptionist
Mmm, chocolate latte!
A lovely view from the stylist's area
Nothing says "spa day" more than a good soak!
Top-down view of the salon
Up next: tackling the country club. This will be interesting.


  1. Love the lots so far!

  2. You building all these places? They are awesome.

  3. Beautiful!! I really like this spa. Great job with it!

    I'm glad you're sharing all these individually, so much better seeing all the details in each of the lots you're building.

  4. Umi - Thanks! :D

    Dee - Yes I am! They're all lots that are/will be placed in Noble Hill, but probably won't be featured in the storyline. I was thinking about sharing the country club, but that one is a surprise. ;)

    Kaleeko - Thank you! I tried to go for "relaxing and calming". I couldn't make it too fancy because it was on the beach, but I like the simplicity of it.

    I thought that as well. I think I'll go ahead and showcase either the improved nectary (!!!), or the convenience store.