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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Angie Does Bridgeport - Episode 1: Hello, Bridgeport!

I couldn't resist getting back into the writing process, so I decided to take a special sim and plant her in Bridgeport. The Bridgeport series will be in a reality tv format, but no plots! (for now)

But before we visit Bridgeport, we now interrupt this program for a very important update in Aspenville...

Brandon and Sandy have aged into elders! I'm so proud of them. *tears up*

And now onto the story....

********Theme Song - Beverly Hills by Weezer********

Ahhh, Bridgeport; a place where the rich, famous, and suspiciously pale call home. A place for the hopeless wannabes to flock to, in hopes that one day, they can live among the rich and famous...and pale. Angie Dillard is one of those bright-eyed hopefuls. Will she make it in this cold town? Probably not.
We enter her high-rise studio apartment at about 8:30AM. It's a nice place, but she craves more. Unsurprisingly.
"Ugh, it's about damn time you guys showed up. Be sure to get my good side, mmkay?"

So, tell us about yourself.

"Let's see...I was born and raised in Aspenville, and both of my parents were fun-loving bohemian-whatever sims. In other words, they never had a real job. Granddaddy had to loan them money just so that they could pay the bills. Deadbeats. Anyway, my grandaddy is a super successful power broker, I'm sure you've heard of him. And my grandma is a news reporter, so she's pretty famous too. People say I look just like her."

Yes, you come from a pretty well-known family. Wasn't your mother the daughter of the Shang Simla ambassadors, and your father a famous artist?

"They don't count, their jobs are frackin' lame. No one in Bridgeport has heard of them. But as you can see from my lineage, I was simply destined for success. And fame."

Of course. What else can you tell us about you?

"Oh! I'm a flirty Virgo, and I loooveee cars. Also, I need my beauty rest, so I can pretty much sleep through anything. I j'adore the color purple, techno, and Shamarwar-whatever. You know, that Egyptian dish?"


"Yeah, that. I had it in Al Simhara during a family vaca. Oh, and my boobs aren't fake. Totally got them from my mother. One of the only things she's ever done for me, that selfish-"

Alright then! Thank you for sharing a bit of your personality.

"My pleasure."

We followed Angie around for the rest of the day, but not much else happened. She got a job in the Film career, and gained a star. Now that it's evening, she and her boss Tiara Angelista are going to go out and celebrate her first night in Bridgeport.

So, where to ladies?
 Angie - "We're going to try and get into The Grind."
 Tiara - "Not try, baby girl, do. Thankfully The Grind isn't exclusive, so even one-stars like you can get in."
Angie - *forced laughter*

I noticed that Angie didn't lash out at Tiara, maybe because she knew that she was higher up than her? Angie never seemed like the type that would graciously take an insult like that, even if it were playful.

They arrived at The Grind, but Angie was getting sharp pains in her stomach.
Angie - "Augh, I'm so starved! I haven't eaten anything all day..."
Tiara - "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, darling! Actually, you could stand to lose a pound or two. Just wait it out until the hunger pangs get super sharp."

And with Tiara's *genius* advice, they made their way into the club.
Kai Leiko - "Oh, its Angie Dillard! It's so nice to converse with a fellow celebrity instead of all these no-names. Hi, I'm Kai Leiko."
Angie - "Oh, hello! Nice to meet you. Hey, did you know you have the same first name as my mother's second-half of her name?"
Kai - "Wha?"
Angie - "Her name is Jia Kai."
Kai - "Ohh, sweet."

She danced with Kai, who is a rather odd dancer. She walked away from him unamused and pulled Tiara aside.
Angie - "Hey, do you know of a more...packed place we could go?"

They arrived at the Banzai Lounge, only to be told that they're not famous enough. Bummer. On another note, I guess everyone in this town is starving to be skinny.
Angie - "Screw the bouncer, it's this guy who's giving me the real trouble. He's refusing to talk to me! Needle nose."
Tiara - "Well don't be shy dear, impress him!"

Angie successfully impressed him, and with that goal accomplished, she grew bored of the place. Tiara left early to get her beauty rest, leaving Angie to surf the city alone.

Angie - "C'mon, let's get outta here. Lame."

Angie took a subway to go to a local dive bar. She says the name isn't important.

The elevator ride...just a tad awkward.
 Angie - "Wow, I feel SO overdressed.
Pablo - "Whoa, is that a camera crew?"
Angie - "You don't talk to them. They belong to me."

Isn't this a little below your standards?

Angie - "I really don't give a [bleep], I'm starving."

I thought skinny was beautiful?

Angie - "That chick has no clue what she's talking about. I may be many things, but one thing I am not is an anorexic [bleep]."

And thank Plumbbob for that.

First thing's first: wooing the bouncer.
Angie - "Hey, baby." *winks* Mind letting me in?
Bouncer - "...." *drools*
Angie - "Helloooo?"
Bouncer - "Oh, right. Of course you can come in!
Bouncer - "Because, ma'am, we're closed for the night."
Angie - "..."

...and an even more awkward ride down.
 Angie - ", this is awkward, but ah...would you guys mind giving me a little room? I'm kinda claustrophobic. Also, you're distracting my crew. Thanks, appreciate it, kisses!"

Frustrated, Angie gives up searching for another place to hang out, and decides to simply go home.

Way to plow into that ice cream.
Angie - "I am sooo hungry man, you have like, no idea. Lay off before I scratch your face off."

All right, just a tad grumpy.

And with that, we leave our bitter one-star in her peaceful slumber.


  1. Awww @ Brandon and Sandy. So cute!

    Love the little reality show bit. :D Haha. She's so full of herself! ^^ What relation/is she related to Brandon? Or is that one of their daughters? I'm having a brain fart.

    Looks like you're having lots of fun around Bridgeport! The town looks so awesome... I moved a sim in briefly just to cruise around looking at various lots and houses and clubs, and man, I'm excited to get there!

    Angie's quite the pickle, though. ;) A fun read! I like the 'reality' format, too... It's a nice change of pace, I think.

  2. She's about to have her butt handed to her by Bridgeport, so the cockiness won't stay there for long. She's Kyle's daughter w/Jia, which makes her Brandon's granddaughter.

    I know! It is a little dirty and depressing, but most cities are. I like the realism.

    Indeed. ;) I'm waiting to try and tap into the evil side of her, but meanness and a hunger for fame (surprisingly) do not mix. So for now, Angie's playing the snobby angel. She's currently entertaining sick kids at a hospital. *snicker*

  3. Oh, right! The little munchkin from last post. ^^ Duuhhrr. I'm a retard.

    I really love the "dirtiness" of it. That's one of the big reasons I liked Twinbrook... But Bridgeport looks like it has a good mix of both high-life and "low-life", which is awesome. Really looks like a city, to me.

    Haha! Yes, an evil star probably wouldn't go over very well with the populus.. Unless she was like, Dr. Horrible, and achieved her fame through being evil or something...

    Entertaining sick kids at the hospital -- lol!! She's probably gritting her teeth every moment of it! Poor thing. Not. ;)

  4. LOL! Well, since she was literally just born yesterday, I'm surprised that I remembered it. :)

    Yes!! I definitely agree. Funnily enough, that's the reason that a lot of other simmers hate Bridgeport. The griminess makes it feel like I'm actually in a city, as opposed to a dirtier suburb or something.

    lol, definitely did not enjoy that.

  5. That's pretty dumb. I can't think of one city that isn't a little bit 'slummy'. I know the Sims is supposed to be a place to escape from reality, but the attention to detail is superb, and considering how many people whine about it not being realistic *enough*... I mean c'mon, people whined for laundry of all things, which is both realistic AND tedious. /eyeroll

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes some grunge in their surroundings, though. It gives places character!

    I look forward to seeing more about Angie. :) I love characters that have all sorts of crazy quirks to them!

  6. Wait people are complaining that Bridgeport is grimy? Sheesh, as Kaleeko says, people whinged for *years* about needing laundry - they got lots of realism here.

    Looks like you and Angie are going to be having fun exploring Bridgeport and all the clubs/bars there.