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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life With Angie: Episode 1 - BABIES!!

Because he is a half-vampire, Jacob looks well beyond his teenage years.
 So, what do you think of your new stepmother?

Jacob - "She's pretty hot."

No, I mean, how do you think of her as a mother?

Jacob - "She's okay, I guess. She leaves me alone for the most part so I can work on my pecs. She is a little irresponsible, though. She's abandoning her acting career for mixology, drinking while pregnant, and invested 18k of our 20k family funds."


Jacob - "Yeah but she lets me stay out all night, so she's cool."

Jacob wasn't lying.
 Angie - *quickly downs drink* "That little punk! I am sooo responsible. I'll have you know that I'm doing incredibly well with mixology, and if I do it, it'll only be PART-time. For extra ka-ching, yanno?"

You're slurring.

Angie - "Yeah but it'ss not super bad 'cause I developed a tolerance for drinks."

Are you sure that's good for the baby?
Pregnancy memories: doing publicity work, drinking, and chasing the hubby around the house.
 Angie - "Aw, the babes will be fine. It's gonna be a girrrllll, I can just feel it."
Beau - "Ahaha, it's kicking!"
Angie - "Oh good, so I'm not just imagining that."

And she goes into labor...after finishing another drink.
 Angie - "Owwwww, it hurtssss!!!"

The drinks didn't dull the pain?

Angie - "No it did, but I had to say that line in all my labor scenes in those movies. I can't feel a damn thing." *laughs hysterically*

That poor child.
The lovely nursery for the baby girl.
So, what did you name her?

Angie - "Thame!"

....after the town?

Angie - "Psh, nooo, I made a typo on the computer one night while chatting with my agent and I thought it was a cute name for a baby girl."


Angie - "She's gonna be famous, yanno. And famous babies need unique names to separate them from the commoners. I could have named her Stacey, but how many Staceys are there in Bridgeport?"


Angie - "And there were no Thames, either."

Alright. So we'll come back in a few days, sounds good?

Angie - "Yep, fine with me. Bye everyone!" 


  1. LMAO. This is hilarious but Jacob is just plain scary looking.

  2. Jacob is very creepy, I cringe sometimes just looking at him. He's not ugly or anything, just...spooky.

    EA definitely did a good job with the vamps.

  3. Haha... yeah, I agree. Jacob is pretty creepy. O.o

    The vampires really are awesome. I actually almost want one... almost. It might be fun to play around with for a day or two, though. For me at least.

    Angie looks lovely as a pregnant vampire. ^^ Haha. Pregnant vampire... Just sounds so weird!

    Thame is definitely a very interesting name, but it's got a nice ring to it, I think. I definitely won't argue with her choice! Hehe.

  4. Vampires are super fun to play around with, and if you ever decide that you don't want them to be vampires anymore, prepare to pay the science facility 3k to change them back. Being mortal isn't cheap. ;)

    Ahaha, isn't it just the weirdest thing? I can't wait to see how little Thame grows up to look like...

  5. I was expecting her to settle down a bit when I read she was pregnant, but nope! Same old Angie lol!

  6. lmao, Angie will party, woo, and slack off until she's too old and frail to get out of bed. I have a feeling that's a guarantee. ;)

  7. Jacob looks cool. A little vampire family, how sweet. I'm going to have play one soon. They sound like a lot of fun.

    The baby's name is different but I like it. ;)

  8. They are! When I had vampire sims in TS2, I usually wound up turning them into normal sims after a few days. But with TS3 vampires, I can actually imagine myself doing some sort of vampire legacy, or "Vampiracy"...*idea pops into head*

    Me too. :) Very different, and a perfect name for the daughter of a celebrity!

    ...poor kid.

  9. Jacob does look scary has hell.

    Angie drinking and so till the day she has her baby.

    I do want to try having a vampire but not quite so quickly as Angie did it. Good to know it's easy but not cheap to get them back.

    Welcome Thame - good luck growing up well with Angie as your mom. Maybe Beau is a good dad.

    I had a few vampire Sims in TS2. Two of them had been vampires for too long - when last seen their kids were older than they were. I'd never make them mortal again, they would just have to die.

  10. lol, he's growing on me. He is indeed scary as hell but is a total sweetheart...somewhere in there...underneath the glowing blue eyes....

    The vampire experiment that she "volunteered" for was just me testing out the fierceness of TS3 vampires. I found that I liked her as a vampire and she liked being a vampire, so I decided to keep her as a vampire and have her create a little vampire family type thing. It'd be perfect if she'd stop drinking.

    They both suck as parents, thank God for Jacob.

    Ahahahaha!!! Yeah, Beau still has 146 days in his YA lifespan and Angie has 202...they'll probably never die. Especially on the "long" lifespan.