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Sunday, November 28, 2010


So, the SH blog will be undergoing a few major changes which I think you will all like. :) But first thing's first, we have to change the name. So I  put up a poll on this blog (Cheezy's Corner) and the other blog (Saskan Harbour Legacy)  listing possible generic names that I could use for the new blog title. You don't have to vote on both polls; I just put them on both blogs for optimum convenience. If you want, you can select more than one option on the poll list as well (but not all of them!)

I'm almost finished with the new world, so I'll be able to work on the story very soon after testing. I'm so excited to debut it to you all!! The stories actually have plots now. ;) Below the poll area, I also added a box documenting my world progress. I figure this way, people can easily see how much I have left to go without me going on and on about it.

Oh, and Angie's story might be put on hold for a few days so I can hurry up and knock CAW out of the way. With school starting back up tomorrow and sim stories to catch up on (not to mention misc. research), I won't have a lot of time to spend on Angie's family. I know that the Dillards in Bridgeport will miss me (sniffle), but the Dillards that have been stuck in limbo for awhile now need me just a tad bit more.

So, that's about it. Happy simming everyone!


  1. I voted. Where's my little sticker? When I vote for presidents they always give me little "I voted" stickers. ;) Just kidding.

    I was just thinking about your Thanksgiving post. One of the pies we had was Key Lime. What a coincidence.

  2. Here's your sticker! -,84070621

    Really? Wow, I would have loved to crash your Thanksgiving dinner. Key lime pie is amazing.

  3. Sounds like you have a lot going on, I can't wait to see it all!

  4. Soooo, the new world's name will be Noble Hill! I wanted to call it Crescent Hills, but there have been so many WIP Crescent Hills that I was afraid I would jinx it. So now I'm thinking, how about Noble Stories, or The Hills Have Stories? :P I personally like Noble Stories. It's concise, and pretty original I would think.

  5. Oh, and the first chapter of the spinoff is almost done!