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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking my time

Somehow, when I don't rush things, I get awesome results like this:

View of the Boardwalk from the community pool
View of the Boardwalk from the ocean
View of the boardwalk from the art gallery
Of course, the boardwalk is only 1/3 of the beach area and the downtown area still isn't finished, but I like what I have so far. I envy my sims.

Anyway, back to Aspenville!

Jia and Kyle's baby, little Angie. (side note- I missed the birth while playing another family. Guess what traits the game assigned her? Heavy Sleeper and....wait for it....Evil. ;) That's not even the best part; the game made her a Virgo, too.
YA Issac looks handsome, just like his daddy...except more neurotic.
YA Juliana turned out to be lovely...if not awkwardly so. Not too sure who she looks like just yet, but she seems to have her mother's face length and her father's features.
I squealed when I saw Lily's face as a teen...she's so cute! *pinches cheeks*
Of course, with all of her babies growing up, Sandy rolled the wish to have yet another. For the love of God Sandy, NO!!
Blonde hair and blue eyes- the ultimate face of Virgoan evil.
Someone looks a lot like grandma!
That's it for now. I just received LN in the mail today, so I'll load that up (without AMB-sniffle) and update you all on that tomorrow. :)


  1. I think the town is coming along great! I can't imagine how much work it'll take... But yeah, definitely don't rush it. :) I like to take my time building things because I know if I do, they come out better.

    Aww, the family looks great! And, lol @ the evil Virgo sign! I actually went ahead and changed the signs the game automatically assigned my family when I loaded up the patch for the first time... Some of them were pretty ridiculous. Jeb, a cancer? Puh-leeaasse.

    And oh my, does she definitely look like her gramma or what! ^^

    Hope you have fun with LN! I actually just got it last night myself (total surprise there), and I had to do some tweaking to get it to work properly. I'm gonna throw up a post about it on the group blog, so check it out if it gives you issues.

    Good luck on your town! :D

  2. Thanks! :) I'm slowly learning how to "walk away" from CAW whenever I start blanking out on ideas, or I start to get frustrated. It helps a lot, even though I still get the urge to rush back in and fix it anyway. I'm currently working on the art gallery/museum downtown, I'm really proud of it so far. Hopefully it'll be done in a few days.

    It's bittersweet to see them all growing up, sometimes I wish I could keep them young forever. Especially Brandon and Sandy, who are elders now. Sigh. LOL, as a Virgo, I got kind of peeved that the game made her evil. Ah, oh well. Ahahaha, I cannot envision Jeb as a Cancer. I wish they made the astrological signs more realistic, but eh, it's fun to laugh at the random signs.

    I know! I had to do a double-take, I was so shocked. It's about time someone started resembling her other than Kyle though, I guess. :P

    I just loaded up Bridgeport, and so far I haven't had any problems. You bought LN? Sweet! :D I guess we'll be going on the late night adventure simultaneously, then!

    Thank you! Good luck with the Kanes. ;)

  3. I tried CAW but I didn't feel up to planning out a good town.

    Your town is looking great!

    I'm catching up on the blogs I missed while overseas and then posting *way* too much to my blogs.

    Late night is fun, isn't it.

    I sort of hate Sims growing up and old but I've gotten used to the need to let them go if I want generations. The next gen needs the space.

  4. The worst part of creating a world, for me, is laying down lots/roads/sidewalks. So tedious!

    Thank you!

    Ahahaha, well I hope you had fun overseas. :D

    Very fun. Addicting, even.

    Yeah...that's pretty much my outlook on aging. I can't wait until they age into YAs, but after that point, I don't want them to age anymore.