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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Angie Does Bridgeport - Finale

********Theme Song - Beverly Hills by Weezer********
Angie..."pampering" herself and a guest at the Buena Vista  Resort.

Angie - "Shhh, go away, I'm busy."

We can see that.

As a Master Romancer and an A-lister, Angie now has her own limo, with a chauffeur to match.
Is something wrong, Angie? You've had your five conquests in five different places, you've become a successful celebrity, and yet you seem so lost. Are you lonely? Are you empty inside?

Angie - "Don't go all soap opera on me, I'm simply thinking about what I should do next."

You can't possibly be through with Bridgeport this quickly, the Creator would have a fit. There is something left for you to do here, I'm sure.

Angie - "You're right, there has to be something left for me in this town. I just don't know what it is..."

That's a nice home you have there.

Angie - "I just bought it for 150k. Of course, I had to pull a few strings at the motherlode bank in order to get a 150k loan, but it's nothing my stardom can't pay off."

You can't escape financial burdens with fame, just ask the celebrities that commit tax fraud.

Angie - "See, that's exactly what I thought, but Bridgeport is different. All I had to do was a few commercials for them and they considered it an even trade."

Must be nice.

Someone's not too fond of phone calls. Or maybe that's just a permanent vampire/evil scowl...
Angie - "That was my agent, she called to say that the owners over at Plasma 501 want me to make a visit tonight for publicity. They'll compensate for my time."

Well, that sounds fun.

Angie - "It does, except I have my housewarming party tonight! How can you miss your own party? Oh well, I'll just push it forward a few hours, I guess."

Extended pinky = prim and proper
So, how'd the housewarming party go?

Angie - "S'alright, people said it was verging on epic but I feel that it could have been better."

A little bit of a perfectionist, are we?

Angie - "I'm famous. I have to be perfect, or people will hate me. Must I remind you of all those scandals?"

There's a difference between deliberately acting out and being so clean that it's fake.

Angie - "Not for me it isn't. Like you said, the public isn't exactly receptive to evil, flirty vampires. I'd rather not take my chances. I did have an overnight guest, however..."


The funny thing about Sims is that they always go back to their first love. Or if they're Angie Dillard, their  first "conquest".
 Angie - "Don't 'sigh' me, you'd actually be proud of me right about now!"

Oh? And why would we be proud?

Angie - "Because I think I know what I want to do next with my life...and it involves settling down. With Beau. I already asked him to move in." *large grin*

How sweet.

Angie -"Isn't it? And we can live our entire vampiric lives together, avoiding the sun and keeping our youth. And not only are we both into the idea of world domination, but he's also totally okay if I'm not faithful to him! Squeee, it's going to be so awesome!"


Angie - "There is one quirk, though..."

Ahh, love-children. The burden of all romantic relationships.
Angie - "He had a baby eons ago with this one chick that now hates me for making him break up with her, her name is Marina."

What's the kid's name?

Angie - "Oh, him. His name is Jacob."

You don't seem like the maternal type.

Angie - "I knoooowww, right? I don't even know if I have a room for him!"

And you're still keeping him around?

Angie - "Well, yeah. It'd be awfully rude of me to say that his son can't move in with us, and I really care about Beau."

Wow, that's actually an awesome way to think of things, Angie. Maybe you're finally maturing.

Angie - "Plus, the little twerp can raid the hospital for plasma so I won't have to! Yay, everybody wins!" Oh, and he's a teenager, so he can't fetch you plasma.

Angie - "Damnit!!"

A few days later, we checked on Angie again. We found her in her lingerie (as always), doing something that we never thought she'd do.

Angie? Nervous? How rare.
Angie - "Babe, ahh, you just stand right there, b-because I have something f-for you."
Beau - "Is it something that involves a hot tub?"
Angie - "HAHAHA YOU'RE SO FUNNY SWEETIE! shouldn't woohoo for a while...or maybe we should...? Anyway...umm..."
Beau - "...what's going on?"

See? Totally didn't see that coming.
Angie - "What's going on"
Beau - "Yeeesss?"
Angie - ""
Beau - "For Creator's sake Angie, spit it out!"
Angie - "IgotknockedupandI'mnotexactlysurewhenbutIknowthatitsyoursandweneedtogetmarriedsothatI'mnotshunned. K?"
Beau - "....what?"
Angie - *deep breath* "I got knocked up and I'm not exactly sure when but I know that it's yours and we need to get married so I'm not shunned. Better?"
Beau -*excited gasp*
Angie - "Is that a yes?"
Beau - "HELL YES!!"

The newlyweds.
Beau - "Angie...before we continue, can I ask you something?"
Angie - "Shoot."
Beau - "Do you really care so much about what other people think that you're willing to marry me, even though you didn't want to before?"
Angie - "Um, yes, duh. But before you get all mopey/homicidal/whatever on me, I've been thinking about marrying you for awhile's just that with the oopsie baby and all, now seemed as good a time as any."
Beau - "..."
Angie - "...Beau?"
Beau - "I love you, but I'll never understand you."

I think we all share that sentiment, Beau. You are not alone.

Angie - "Oh, Beau, meet my camera crew!"
Beau - *blank stare*

...Is he okay?

Angie - "Yeah, he's just a Loner, so it'll take awhile for him to get used to the cameras."

Well everyone, that's a wrap for now! We should probably leave so Beau can start breathing again.

Angie - "Psh, he's practically immortal! Breathing is for wimps."


- Season Summary -

Name: Angie Dillard
Sign: Virgo
Traits: Flirty, Vehicle Enthusiast, Evil, Star Quality, Heavy Sleeper
Favorites: Purple, custom music, O positive (previously Shwarmara)
Relationship(s): Alan Stanley (Romantic Interest), Matthew Hamming (Romantic Interest), Richie Striker (Romantic Interest), Beau Dillard (Husband)

Name: Beau (nee Merrick) Dillard
Sign: Capricorn
Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Evil, Loner, Genius, Frugal
Favorites: Black (of course), Electronica, O positive
Relationship(s): Marina Prattle (ex-girlfriend), Angie Dillard (Wife)

Name: Jacob (nee Prattle) Dillard
Sign: Taurus
Traits: Hates The Outdoors, Heavy Sleeper, Absent-Minded, Athletic
Favorites: Hip Hop, Frogs Legs, Pink
Relationships: None

Goals Completed:

  • Entered the Acting career branch
  • Won a Simmy Award
  • Became a five-star celebrity
  • Woohooed in five different places with five different sims
  • Became a vampire
Plot Twisters:
  • Five scandals (only one false)

So far so good. :)


  1. I backed up and read these and I absolutely love it.

  2. Thanks! I enjoy making them. :) It's a nice break from the heavier stuff, and I find myself warming up to Angie. Admittedly, I didn't like her at first. :P

  3. Oh, I like Angie. She's soooo......self-centered that she's funny.

  4. Nice, Angie grew up a bit and married her Beau. Plus had to take in his son, which was still decent of her.

    This was fun but man that was *fast*. I blinked and it was over.

  5. I know! I thought it would be harder to make her famous, but alas...done in a few episodes. Some of my sims have two stars, completely by accident. Incredible.