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Friday, November 12, 2010

Angie Does Bridgeport - Episode 2: Scandalous!

********Theme Song - Beverly Hills by Weezer********
We walked into Angie's apartment only to find her mysteriously glowy, in her undergarments, and sipping a suspicious drink. Only slightly concerning.
You look...different.
Angie - "Is it a good kind of different?"

Sure, sure. Care to tell the viewers what you've been up to?

Angie - "Well...I met someone." *smiles*

She moves quickly.
You 'met someone'? Does he have anything to do with your new...appearance?

Angie - "If we're being serious here, I met two someones, but this one is the one that captured my heart."

You have a heart?

Angie - "Shush."

Do you even remember his name?

Angie - "Of course I do! His name is Beau. We both dream of conquering the world." *girlish sigh*

Um, okay. So, what did he do to you?

This is the first (and the last time) you will ever see Angie beg.
Angie - "Well, I realized that I was getting way too old for my liking-"

You were barely six days over young adulthood.

Because if a stranger gives you the key to eternal youth then it must be love, right?
Angie - "Not the point. Anyway, as I was saying, I was getting way too old for my liking, so I begged him to turn me after we woohoo'ed. It was the best experience ever! I don't know why I didn't do it sooner."

So then that mark on your neck isn't just a hickey?

Angie - "Psh, not even!"

Okay then, what about the other 'friend'?

He's pretty handsome...
Angie - "That's Matthew Hamming, the first five-star celeb that I won over. We had a few Casanova cocktails down at Eugi's. Pretty cool guy, massive mouth though."

I see.

Angie - "A few cocktails later, we, down to business in the elevator."

Oh Plumbbob.

Angie - "Ugh, you're telling me! And I guess it was good for him, because he let the word out that we...'did it'. That [bleep]."

So, what did you do after the word got out?

Nice court attire.
Angie - "I did what any good celeb does, and I went to City Hall to try and sue for slander.

And how'd that go?

Angie - "...I lost."

When will Matthew learn to avoid Angie? When will Angie learn that Matthew is a blabbermouth?
 Angie - "Anyway, I decided that Matt was a trashbag and tried to avoid him. That is, until one night after work...I got thirsty."

And so you turned him?

Angie - "Nah, I just bit him. He doesn't deserve this precious gift."

Good to know, I guess.

Angie - "But would you believe that they found out I bit him? Stupid nosy town with their stupid nosy paparazzo. And worst of all, I couldn't find any of them to bribe!"

Angie is definitely more intimidating as a vamp. Vampire, that is.
Anything else?

Angie - "Oh, and I'm a B-lister now. I gained two lousy stars, whoop-de-doo. It's not like I can do anything with it...the stupid scandal has me locked up in my home!"

Well, the Bridgeport residents don't take too kindly to public woohoo and feeding off of other sims. If you want to stay famous, you have to be a good sim.

Angie - "Prudes, the lot of them. Hmmph."

The paparazzi is just despicable!
What happened here?

Angie - "I had a rough day at work, and I was low on energy. I passed out. Instead of calling an ambulance, the dumb girl decided to stand there in a frou frou dress and snap a picture! Now everyone thinks I'm a druggie, I bet."

I don't doubt that, actually. You know how the media works.

Angie - "Well, I definitely know now."

Fame isn't all its cracked up to be, huh?
Bartender - "Pardon me ma'am, but I don't think you should be drinking."
Angie - "Huh?"
Bartender - "We know you have a drinking problem, just take a break from the film industry and go to rehab or something. We're all rooting for your recovery."
Angie - "...."


If it's not one scandal, it's another, isn't it?
Okay, care to explain this one?

Angie - "I got caught raiding plasma from the hospital. I couldn't help it, I was hungry and I knew I couldn't feed on sims anymore! Being a b-list vampire sucks. And with all the scandals, Tiara can't be my friend anymore."

Of course, she's protecting her own image.

Angie - "Image-simage, if your friend is being unfairly picked on by the press, you stand by her! I would be there for her, if the roles were reversed."

Would you?

Angie - ", not really."

The evil face of depression.
Are you okay?

Angie - "Yes, yes I'm fine."

You look like a streetwalker in those clothes, you know.

Angie - "Oh Plumbbob, yet another rumor that will be going around! Maybe I can change somewhere on the way to work..."

Calm down, I was kidding!! Honest!

Angie - *sniff*

 Angie - "All right Matt, you messed with the wrong vampiress.
Matthew - "What did I do, sweetheart? Are you angry with me?'
Angie - "No, not at all, just relax..."

You're a vengeful one, Ms. Dillard.

Matt - "Babe, you're scaring me."
Angie - "Just...relax...."

Are you sure it's a good idea to feed off of him again?

Angie - "I'm at my house, so if the stupid wiener tattles, I can dispel it. I'm pissed, I'm starving, and he deserves it."

Okay then. We'll check back in later. Don't kill him, all right?

And that was the day that Angie got her mojo back.


  1. Haha! I definitely did not expect her to turn into a vampire! XD

    But wow, yes, you definitely have taught her a lesson in humility. She's getting in all sorts of trouble, isn't she? Losing friends... Having to suck blood where no eyes can pry in... She sorta brought it on herself, though. ;)

    Angie looks super wicked now, though. The look suits her! ;)

  2. ROFL I love this story! Angie is so freaking hilarious, and she makes a killer vamp too. I'm rooting for her all the way!

  3. Kaleeko - Neither did I! She was completely infatuated with Beau (as in rolling wants for him every five seconds), so I figured part of her infatuation with him was due to his vampirism. And of course with Angie being Angie, it would make sense that she'd want to be young forever. ;)

    Scandals are fun, it's a nice reality check for sim celebrities that get too uppity. That while one night you're popular and can get into all the famous clubs, the next night you're ostracized; all because of one silly little (true or false!) rumor. Pretty realistic as well.

    The bright blue eyes are freakin' awesome! I don't think I'll have her turn back into a "weak-minded sim" anytime soon.

    Umi - I know, right? The "famous" goal, as well as the woohoo goal, are almost completed but I don't want to leave her quite yet. Maybe the next "season" will be Angie Does Domestication, kind of like a spinoff. :P

  4. Oh vampire. Sammy's just met Beau too. I haven't let him ask to be turned yet, I'm not ready for a vampire Sam. :)

    Wow, she's been having a tough time with the vampirism, the rumors, the scandals. LOL

    Is she completely a vampire or will the eye color change more?

  5. Nah, the eye color doesn't really just glows. Which I think is awesome. :D So yeah, in this update she's a full-blooded vampire.