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Friday, November 26, 2010

Life With Angie: Episode 3: Thanksgiving Day Special

Ever wonder how regular sims celebrate holidays? Well, I'm afraid you'll never know. You will, however, find out how dysfunctional vampire families celebrate the holidays...

 *this update has been certified ADD-friendly by the Bridgeport Sims Medical Association*

Beau fixing a mean key-lime pie.
Thanksgiving dinner (bet they'd rather have plasma)
Family Photo Time!!
The beautiful and eloquent Thame

Thame, you've grown up so well! Pretty, smart, artistic...I don't know how you did it. I mean, your parents certainly can't be credited to your success. I could have sworn that you'd grow up to be an evil party animal.

Thame - "Thanks." *giggles* "Well, you know, Jacob and Daddy helped me a lot, and I rarely ever speak to Mother. Her fame did rub off on me though, which will help with my career goals."

Wonderful, wonderful! I bet you'll be an architect, right? A doctor? Lawyer? Ruler of the free world? I'm so ecstatic, you may be able to save the Dillard bloodline from booze and partying!! So what will you be, my dear child?

Thame - "I wanna have my own band!!" *wide grin*

...oh. I see.

Thame - "You ok?"

Yes, just excuse me while I sulk.

Jacob has always been a smiler.
So, how are the grades?

Jacob - "Could be better."

Still failing?

 Jacob - "...yeah." *sigh*

Tsk tsk, Jacob. Tsk tsk.

Jacob - *icy glare*

In a household lacking structure, it's nice to see that some things stay the same.
More drinking?

Angie - "Get the [bleep] out, please. Kay thanks bye."

Angie! Your daughter is in the next room!

Angie - "Shhhhhh. Now goodbye."

I just wanted to ask-

Angie - "GOODBYE. Beau and I have things to do."


Angie - *winks*

Fine then, just...just remember protection, okay? We don't need another child of yours running around-

Beau - "Leeaaave pleeeasseee, I haven't gotten any in weeeeeks!"

Okay then, I guess I'll go. Don't have too much fun, you two. I mean it.

Angie - "Yeah yeah, whatever."


  1. So, pretty much everyone (except Thame) decided that they didn't want me around and "filming" by being uninteresting. Darn.

    I must say that Thame is my ultimate favorite right now, though. I can't wait to see her grow up. :')

  2. Thame is growing to be so pretty. Good genetics even if it's less than great parenting skills. Well, if she has a band, at least she'll have the party skills down well.

    So how long do vampires live? They could have an awful lot of babies ...

  3. Definitely. I have a feeling that Thame will be a hit with the boys as well.

    Holy crap. Never even thought about that. Well, since Angie's about 202 days away from adulthood and Beau is 146 days away...

    they need to get fixed.

  4. That could be a gazillion babies if they have a bit too much fun. :)

  5. A gazillion Beaus/Angies running around Bridgeport...that's a scary thought.

  6. Aw, they look so nice all dressed up in their holiday finery. With some sunglasses and a little bronzer they could almost pass for a normal family. ;P

  7. Hahaha, they certainly could! You'd have to hide the bar, though. That would ruin the illusion faster than you can say "What a nice, normal sim family."

  8. You know... Every time I see Jacob, I get the feeling that that's what Jebidiah would look like as a vampire. With an extra dose of creepy on top. He seriously freaks me out!!! O.O

    Thame, though, is super duper cute for a vampire kid. That hair color looks gorgeous on her.

    Looks like a very calm Thanksgiving, except for the parents' outburts at the end. Has someone been denying them some lovin? Hmm? >:D

    I do have a feeling Thame won't be the last baby, though... Since someone seems to enjoy torturing Angie. Hee!

  9. You know...I could see that. Wow. I have a little vampire Jebidiah clone in my game! :D

    I agree, I can't help but look at her and go "aww!" Kind of the same way that I'd look at her mother, you know, when she smaller...and less demanding.

    Maaayyybeee. *innocent whistling* The want to woohoo Beau had been sitting in Angie's wish panel for days, I felt so bad for ignoring it in favor of mastering her mixology skill. Beau honestly didn't mind, he just read all night and slept all day.

    You know, I've been thinking about that...maybe making Angie have another girl named Kristina and have her be this huge party animal. That idea is still on the back burner, but I had them try for a baby, so I think it'll happen anyway.

  10. Thame really is very pretty.

    "they need to get fixed" ROFL. You gonna get 'em fixed?

    For some reason that pic of the four of them facing the camera makes me think of the Addams Family.

  11. I know. :) She's my little star child.

    I'm thinking about it, to be perfectly honest. They cannot have more kids, they just cannot. No more than three, including Jacob.