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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spa Day!

Today's Spotlight: Judy's Salon & Spa
Relaxing while waiting for the receptionist
Mmm, chocolate latte!
A lovely view from the stylist's area
Nothing says "spa day" more than a good soak!
Top-down view of the salon
Up next: tackling the country club. This will be interesting.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Trip To The Noble Museum of Art

Today's spotlight: The Noble Museum of Art (Art Gallery)
The essential exterior shot
"Welcome! Don't touch anything. We're looking at you, kleptos."
Why go to a museum without checking out the library?
...or their daycare room?
Or their gift shop, for that matter.
Artwork is exciting.
Juliana, put down the paintbrush! You are not Kyle!
Ahh, the aquarium. Guess the fishies haven't come out to play yet.
The Sculpture Room, quite inspiring.
First floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth Floor
--------Bonus pics!!---------
Donahue, a new character, hard at work
Supervising the firefighter's game to make sure they play fair

Sunday, November 28, 2010


So, the SH blog will be undergoing a few major changes which I think you will all like. :) But first thing's first, we have to change the name. So I  put up a poll on this blog (Cheezy's Corner) and the other blog (Saskan Harbour Legacy)  listing possible generic names that I could use for the new blog title. You don't have to vote on both polls; I just put them on both blogs for optimum convenience. If you want, you can select more than one option on the poll list as well (but not all of them!)

I'm almost finished with the new world, so I'll be able to work on the story very soon after testing. I'm so excited to debut it to you all!! The stories actually have plots now. ;) Below the poll area, I also added a box documenting my world progress. I figure this way, people can easily see how much I have left to go without me going on and on about it.

Oh, and Angie's story might be put on hold for a few days so I can hurry up and knock CAW out of the way. With school starting back up tomorrow and sim stories to catch up on (not to mention misc. research), I won't have a lot of time to spend on Angie's family. I know that the Dillards in Bridgeport will miss me (sniffle), but the Dillards that have been stuck in limbo for awhile now need me just a tad bit more.

So, that's about it. Happy simming everyone!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meet ________!

______ is an (obviously) unnamed character that I created in CAS, and eventually planned on introducing to the SH spinoff series. Speaking of the Saskan Harbour Legacy, should I just change the name to something more generic in case of another world crash? I suppose I could simply say "Dillard Family Legacy", but the whole point of the SH Legacy blog was to sort of blog about the whole town...which didn't work out, but still. :P Also, I don't think I would call it a legacy anymore. I mean, from the very beginning, it was about more than just skilling, promotions, etc. But when asked to describe what genre I write, I said it was a legacy. So I'm confusing myself, really.

Oh, did I mention that I'm blogging on sleep aids right now? ...yeah.

So uhhh...oh right. Here's _______.

Anyway, I've spent fifteen minutes trying to rack my brain to figure out what might make this character tick, and how she could fit in the spinoff. So since I'm a little..."disadvantaged" at this point, I'm asking for an outsider's POV. Without giving too much away, I need to know these things:

1. What kind of stereotype does she look like to you?

2. What traits/personality would she have?

3. What would be her vice(s)?

4. What would be her advantage(s)?

That would help me a looot. Then I could finally figure out why her story isn't coming to me, and what I'd need to tweak...

Anyway, off to bed for me. :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Life With Angie: Episode 3: Thanksgiving Day Special

Ever wonder how regular sims celebrate holidays? Well, I'm afraid you'll never know. You will, however, find out how dysfunctional vampire families celebrate the holidays...

 *this update has been certified ADD-friendly by the Bridgeport Sims Medical Association*

Beau fixing a mean key-lime pie.
Thanksgiving dinner (bet they'd rather have plasma)
Family Photo Time!!
The beautiful and eloquent Thame

Thame, you've grown up so well! Pretty, smart, artistic...I don't know how you did it. I mean, your parents certainly can't be credited to your success. I could have sworn that you'd grow up to be an evil party animal.

Thame - "Thanks." *giggles* "Well, you know, Jacob and Daddy helped me a lot, and I rarely ever speak to Mother. Her fame did rub off on me though, which will help with my career goals."

Wonderful, wonderful! I bet you'll be an architect, right? A doctor? Lawyer? Ruler of the free world? I'm so ecstatic, you may be able to save the Dillard bloodline from booze and partying!! So what will you be, my dear child?

Thame - "I wanna have my own band!!" *wide grin*

...oh. I see.

Thame - "You ok?"

Yes, just excuse me while I sulk.

Jacob has always been a smiler.
So, how are the grades?

Jacob - "Could be better."

Still failing?

 Jacob - "...yeah." *sigh*

Tsk tsk, Jacob. Tsk tsk.

Jacob - *icy glare*

In a household lacking structure, it's nice to see that some things stay the same.
More drinking?

Angie - "Get the [bleep] out, please. Kay thanks bye."

Angie! Your daughter is in the next room!

Angie - "Shhhhhh. Now goodbye."

I just wanted to ask-

Angie - "GOODBYE. Beau and I have things to do."


Angie - *winks*

Fine then, just...just remember protection, okay? We don't need another child of yours running around-

Beau - "Leeaaave pleeeasseee, I haven't gotten any in weeeeeks!"

Okay then, I guess I'll go. Don't have too much fun, you two. I mean it.

Angie - "Yeah yeah, whatever."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life With Angie - Episode 2 - Happy Birthday!

Instead of postpartum depression, Angie suffers from...postpartum insanity?
 So...what's up?

Angie - "Just serving up some 'experimental' drinks."

In your underwear? And you're giving them to your teenage stepson?

 Angie - "Yes!! Plumbbob, you always find some way to make the things I do sound borderline illegal."

*mumbles* Gee, how would I do that?

Angie - "What?"

Nothing. So, what's up with the lighter fluid...?

Angie - "...okay, that might be illegal. Very illegal. Cut this scene out during editing."

Will do.

Looking spiffy (as always), and classy (a rarity).
 That's a very nice ensemble, Mrs. Dillard.

Angie - "Thanks! I figure I might as well start dressing like a mom, since I am one now."

I wouldn't say that you look like a mom, but you do look like a five-star actress and socialite, which you are.

Angie - "...right."

Still want to be a bartender?

Angie - "MIXOLOGIST, and yes. I made $400 in one night at the Prosper Room!"

Awesome! So now you make the same amount of money as working-class sims in about the third or fourth level of their careers! Certainly better than the amount of money you make as an actress, which is double that amount. So overrated. Right?

Angie - *silence*

Keep your day job, dear.

Beau: the bleeding heart of all evil vampires.
 Beau - She won't shut up. *sigh*

Maybe she's hungry. Got any plasma?

Beau - "Ha ha, I already tried that. No dice."

Where is Angie? Maybe those maternal instincts will tell her what's wrong with Thame.

 Beau - "Psh, Angie hasn't touched Thame since the day she gave birth to her. Jacob and I have been looking after her."

I see.
Vampires read, and so should you!
 So, whatcha doin'? Reading something evil?

Beau - "Nope, just reading."

Reading a novel about sim mortals being eaten alive by vampire overlords?

Beau - "That's absolutely disgusting and vulgar! I'm just reading the Mystery of Pleasantview. Very intriguing book." you realize how boring you are for a vampire?

Beau - "Hey, you take any vampire and put them in high-class suburbia with a wife and two kids, then tell me if they're still super exciting."

....The new facial hair is looking nice.

Beau - "Oh, thanks."

Vampires are closet lushes. If they could get all their plasma from a bar, they would.
 So...what are we doing here?

Angie - "Drinking to....ahahaaaa Beau what're we drinkin' to again?"
Beau - "Thame's *hic* burffday. Shhe's turning three." *holds up three fingers*
Beau and Angie - *hysterical laughter, sounds of choking on juice*

Poor Thame, at least Jacob is old enough to ignore his parents.
What a beautiful little demon. I mean, darling.
 Hello there sweetheart! What are you doing?

Thame - "Da'dy says I can keel yoo." 


Beau - "Nonono Thame, shhhh. That's our little secret, kay?"

Such a nice Vampire daddy.
The picture of innocence and purity.
Oh, what's this?
 Beau - "Do you want a lolly, Thame?"
Thame - " Yay!! Lolly!!" *claps*
Beau - "I'm sure you do want one..."

Bad Beau!
Beau - "...but Daddy wants one more."
Thame - "NOOO!!!" *wails*

Well, that wasn't very nice.

Beau - "Just teaching her a life lesson, that's all."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life With Angie: Episode 1 - BABIES!!

Because he is a half-vampire, Jacob looks well beyond his teenage years.
 So, what do you think of your new stepmother?

Jacob - "She's pretty hot."

No, I mean, how do you think of her as a mother?

Jacob - "She's okay, I guess. She leaves me alone for the most part so I can work on my pecs. She is a little irresponsible, though. She's abandoning her acting career for mixology, drinking while pregnant, and invested 18k of our 20k family funds."


Jacob - "Yeah but she lets me stay out all night, so she's cool."

Jacob wasn't lying.
 Angie - *quickly downs drink* "That little punk! I am sooo responsible. I'll have you know that I'm doing incredibly well with mixology, and if I do it, it'll only be PART-time. For extra ka-ching, yanno?"

You're slurring.

Angie - "Yeah but it'ss not super bad 'cause I developed a tolerance for drinks."

Are you sure that's good for the baby?
Pregnancy memories: doing publicity work, drinking, and chasing the hubby around the house.
 Angie - "Aw, the babes will be fine. It's gonna be a girrrllll, I can just feel it."
Beau - "Ahaha, it's kicking!"
Angie - "Oh good, so I'm not just imagining that."

And she goes into labor...after finishing another drink.
 Angie - "Owwwww, it hurtssss!!!"

The drinks didn't dull the pain?

Angie - "No it did, but I had to say that line in all my labor scenes in those movies. I can't feel a damn thing." *laughs hysterically*

That poor child.
The lovely nursery for the baby girl.
So, what did you name her?

Angie - "Thame!"

....after the town?

Angie - "Psh, nooo, I made a typo on the computer one night while chatting with my agent and I thought it was a cute name for a baby girl."


Angie - "She's gonna be famous, yanno. And famous babies need unique names to separate them from the commoners. I could have named her Stacey, but how many Staceys are there in Bridgeport?"


Angie - "And there were no Thames, either."

Alright. So we'll come back in a few days, sounds good?

Angie - "Yep, fine with me. Bye everyone!" 

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Owe You All An Update...

So, it's been a few days since I showed you guys the downtown area of a world that I'm working on, and I decided that now would be a good time to show pics of it, since I'm (mostly!) done with the area.

One area down, four more to go. Huge thanks to EA for all most of the buildings. Saved me from a lot of swearing. Best believe I will be inserting more EA lots in the future. ;)

New Angie update coming your way soon!