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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life With Angie - Episode 2 - Happy Birthday!

Instead of postpartum depression, Angie suffers from...postpartum insanity?
 So...what's up?

Angie - "Just serving up some 'experimental' drinks."

In your underwear? And you're giving them to your teenage stepson?

 Angie - "Yes!! Plumbbob, you always find some way to make the things I do sound borderline illegal."

*mumbles* Gee, how would I do that?

Angie - "What?"

Nothing. So, what's up with the lighter fluid...?

Angie - "...okay, that might be illegal. Very illegal. Cut this scene out during editing."

Will do.

Looking spiffy (as always), and classy (a rarity).
 That's a very nice ensemble, Mrs. Dillard.

Angie - "Thanks! I figure I might as well start dressing like a mom, since I am one now."

I wouldn't say that you look like a mom, but you do look like a five-star actress and socialite, which you are.

Angie - "...right."

Still want to be a bartender?

Angie - "MIXOLOGIST, and yes. I made $400 in one night at the Prosper Room!"

Awesome! So now you make the same amount of money as working-class sims in about the third or fourth level of their careers! Certainly better than the amount of money you make as an actress, which is double that amount. So overrated. Right?

Angie - *silence*

Keep your day job, dear.

Beau: the bleeding heart of all evil vampires.
 Beau - She won't shut up. *sigh*

Maybe she's hungry. Got any plasma?

Beau - "Ha ha, I already tried that. No dice."

Where is Angie? Maybe those maternal instincts will tell her what's wrong with Thame.

 Beau - "Psh, Angie hasn't touched Thame since the day she gave birth to her. Jacob and I have been looking after her."

I see.
Vampires read, and so should you!
 So, whatcha doin'? Reading something evil?

Beau - "Nope, just reading."

Reading a novel about sim mortals being eaten alive by vampire overlords?

Beau - "That's absolutely disgusting and vulgar! I'm just reading the Mystery of Pleasantview. Very intriguing book." you realize how boring you are for a vampire?

Beau - "Hey, you take any vampire and put them in high-class suburbia with a wife and two kids, then tell me if they're still super exciting."

....The new facial hair is looking nice.

Beau - "Oh, thanks."

Vampires are closet lushes. If they could get all their plasma from a bar, they would.
 So...what are we doing here?

Angie - "Drinking to....ahahaaaa Beau what're we drinkin' to again?"
Beau - "Thame's *hic* burffday. Shhe's turning three." *holds up three fingers*
Beau and Angie - *hysterical laughter, sounds of choking on juice*

Poor Thame, at least Jacob is old enough to ignore his parents.
What a beautiful little demon. I mean, darling.
 Hello there sweetheart! What are you doing?

Thame - "Da'dy says I can keel yoo." 


Beau - "Nonono Thame, shhhh. That's our little secret, kay?"

Such a nice Vampire daddy.
The picture of innocence and purity.
Oh, what's this?
 Beau - "Do you want a lolly, Thame?"
Thame - " Yay!! Lolly!!" *claps*
Beau - "I'm sure you do want one..."

Bad Beau!
Beau - "...but Daddy wants one more."
Thame - "NOOO!!!" *wails*

Well, that wasn't very nice.

Beau - "Just teaching her a life lesson, that's all."


  1. Sorry it took so long to crank out another one, and even longer yet since I won't be able to play again until Thursday, I believe. The world is coming along nicely, I'll show pictures when it's ready to be tested. :)

  2. No worries, Cheezy. :) You've been cranking out quite a few lately, make sure not to wear yourself out!

    This post is adorable and hilarious. Drunken vampires, oh my! Beau and Angie sure are perfect for each other, ha! Love it.

    Thame is totally a doll, too. I have to ask though, is she actually a vampire too, or does she not start drinking blood until she's a teen?

    I ask because she certainly looks like one, but I was led to believe that even 100% vampire offspring don't develop their taste for blood until later... (Which leads me to wonder how annoyed vampire parents have to be to cook real food for their growing kids.)

    They're an adorable little family, though. :D I love Beau stealing candy in the last panel too, lol... Too funny!

  3. It's so funny to see that he's nice at one time and then steal the candy. This is very interesting. I love the dialogues. They are too funny.

    Also, I like your new blog. It looks very refreshing.

  4. Kaleeko - Definitely not wearing myself out...yet. I think the three-day break from simming will be good for me, it'll give me time to recharge.

    Ahaha, I pity Jacob. He's left taking care of his half-sister most of the time while his parents party, woohoo, and drink themselves to exhaustion.

    Thame is a vampire in the sense of bloodline, but not in ability until she turns into a YA. The cool thing is that vampire kids (or teens, not sure about the children) can get plasma from the fridge and have the fast-learning ability at night, just like their parents. They can't, however, raid hospitals/grocery stores and bite other sims for plasma.

    They're a dysfunctional family, but I love them nonetheless. :)

    M.J. - Thank you!! I like the layout as well, it's very clean and rejuvenating. Also, I think Beau is my favorite, even though he isn't in every single shot. He's just so...dull. While Angie is constantly pursuing either her husband or her bar, Beau is a lot more subdued. I can usually let him do his own thing without him breaking something, or peeing himself, or frying in the sun...little things like that. :) Jacob's my problem child as of right now, with a F. We're working on that one.

  5. Beau is quite amusing. And Thame has turned out to be adorable. I'm sure she will be err, chopping at the bit to bite something! lol

    I'm enjoying the layout of these posts. Your writing is sharp and funny. :)

  6. Great update Cheezy. It had me laughing out loud in a couple of places.

  7. Jen - Thank you! Thame is definitely my "special" child, lol. And Beau is awesome. I cannot say that enough. Angie did good in choosing him. :)

    Dee - Thanks for stopping by to read! I appreciate it. :)

  8. I think I love Beau. I love how evil Sims can do stuff like cuddle the baby one minute and steal candy the next. They are so confused about that. :)

    Thame is certainly a cute little mite. Even if her parents forget that they have a baby to care for.