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Monday, November 29, 2010

A Trip To The Noble Museum of Art

Today's spotlight: The Noble Museum of Art (Art Gallery)
The essential exterior shot
"Welcome! Don't touch anything. We're looking at you, kleptos."
Why go to a museum without checking out the library?
...or their daycare room?
Or their gift shop, for that matter.
Artwork is exciting.
Juliana, put down the paintbrush! You are not Kyle!
Ahh, the aquarium. Guess the fishies haven't come out to play yet.
The Sculpture Room, quite inspiring.
First floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth Floor
--------Bonus pics!!---------
Donahue, a new character, hard at work
Supervising the firefighter's game to make sure they play fair


  1. I already said this in a previous comment, but the (sorta) official title for the new world will be Noble Hill. I was thinking maybe naming the blog Noble Life Stories or something like that, since it's a good mix of the two generic names Life Stories and Sim Stories. Or maybe Noble Life Lessons, which doesn't sound too

    Ideas on both the blog name and the world name are still welcome though. :) I'm horribly indecisive, so you all are helping me majorly. I feel like after the blog is finally somewhat situated and the first story has been published, I should download everyone's simselves and have a celebration party.

  2. Picking on a blog name is an annoying process, but better to be happy with the name than settling for something. Took me ages and ages to settle on Desperate Sims. Didn't hit me until I'd watched like 20 straight episodes of Desperate Housewives. XD I like the name world Noble Hill, though! I look forward to seeing what you decide to make the blog name into.

    I like the idea of a sim-self party. ^^ I really should update mine one of these days... My old one was alright, but I don't remember what CC I used in her.

    Anyways: I love love love the museum! I think the little library is my favorite part. It's very formal and fancy, which I like.

    Juliana is very cute. :D And it looks like she found a cutie to smooch on, too!

  3. Very true, I'd rather take ages to pick something out and be satisfied with it, than rush to choose something and changing it later because I'm unhappy with it. I think I'll take a few more days to mull it over in my head...

    Love the Desperate Housewives = Desperate Sims thought process. I never would have guessed!

    Yeah, my simself has been neglected as well, so I'll have to re-do her entirely.

    Thank you! :) I did my best with it, and I'm pretty happy with the results. I wanted to make it even more detailed than what I had originally done, but I decided to leave it as is. My artistic simmies will enjoy it either way.

    I gave Jules a much-needed makeover. She looked fine before, but it wasn't exactly psychologist-attire.

    Yep, Donahue is a special one. He was originally an islander in the world of Shamaar (looong story), but I took 'em out of there and changed his name to something more familiar, so he'd conform with the rest of Noble Hill. I like him. He's growing on me.