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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why I Love Subways

The Apple Grove Subway Terminal
If someone were to ask me what my favorite addition to Late Night was, I would say the subway, hands-down. I've even built little subway terminals in every "district" to their honor. Finally, a use to travel offices. ;) LONG LIVE SUBWAYS!

They help sims travel faster (which is handy because they all seem to take awhile to get from point A to point C by car), you can place them indoors, they look nice, they're good for stories, and they can work in both urban environments, and suburban environments. Sign. me. up.

View of the Fort Rouge Subway Terminal
So if you don't have a subway in your world, and your sims take awhile to get from their house to the center of the world, get some!



  1. That is one of the reasons I want to play in Bridgeport. Because of the subways. I just can't seem to pull myself away from BB yet. I have been thinking of adding them to Bidgeport though.

  2. Dee - Dooo eet. You don't even have to blog about it. Just create a random person to plant in there and help you get a feel for the land. I loved Bridgeport. I kinda miss it.

    M.J. - Thank you! I figured if someone had figured out that subways could be planted indoors without cheats, I'd love to know about it. Because really, I underestimated the size of the "large" world map. :P

  3. For some reason, my Sims have not once used the subways on their own -- and I keep forgetting they exist.. XD Still, atm, my sims live right in the middle of town, so the necessity of using the subway is pretty small.

    That's pretty neat, though! I like the idea of having them inside a 'station' sort of thing. Definitely opens up lots of possibilities. :)

  4. Kaleeko - Really? That's odd. My sims have used the subway a little too much, so I have some deleting to do. :P

    Definitely. :) It just opens up a world of possibilities.

  5. I'm thinking about it. I really am.

  6. Sammy loves the subway. He does, he'll leave a limo and pop into the subway all the time. Odd but true.

  7. LOL, well, that's one way to stay grounded. :) Why ride in a fancy limo when you can take the stinky subway?