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Sunday, January 30, 2011

D-I-Y Modeling Experiment!

 *WARNING - lots of talk about sim modeling, photographers, and other stuff. Read at your own discretion. :)*

Do you remember back in TS1 Superstar when you could have photo-shoots with photographers and walk the runway? I miss it. I miss it so much, that I tried to make a modeling career with s3pe and one of Twallan's mods. Needless to say, I lost interest while trying to read all that XML gobbledygook. I got through half of the steps and just said "**** it!" Ah well, modding isn't for everyone. I did come up with some minor (huuuge emphasis on "minor") script mods that I think actually work, so I'll test those out and see if I did well or not.

Anyway, I've devised a new system, something of a makeshift "modeling career". It's very involved and severely underdeveloped (I mean, I just came up with the idea a few hours ago), but for those who want model simmies, it might be fun! :)

First, let's start with our photographer.

 This is Svetlana Kolinski, or "Lana" for short. Her work-related traits are Artistic (knowing what back-drops to use), Computer Whiz (very skilled in SimPhotoShop), and Photographer's Eye (no further explanation needed). Her personal traits are Perfectionist (always wanting to get it right) and Workaholic. One day, Lana will have her own "name" and studio, but for now, she's an unknown amateur photographer (aka unemployed and no stars).

 This is the trampoline that will be used for today's photo shoot. An outdoor photo shoot will prove to be fun for both parties involved!

 This is our model, Deela Kimari. Her work-related traits are Athletic (for staying in shape and building up endurance) and Star-Quality (that special "something" that all big-time celebrities seem to have). Her personal traits are Good Sense of Humor, Good, and Lucky.

 Deela and Lana met up at Deela's loft. Now, usually I would have the photographer and the model meet face-to-face or through social networking (think celeb parties or chatting on the computer) instead of going straight to their homes, but there isn't much in this emptied Twinbrook and I don't have all night. Deela immediately began chatting Lana up without any direction from me, so I just upped them to "friends" using Twallan's MC mod and invited Deela over to Lana's place for the shoot.

 Of course, as I expected, it wasn't much of a challenge at all to get Deela to hop on the trampoline. Ahh, silly sims!

The final result was...not ideal for either one of them, I believe. Lana took several shots but only two were remotely usable, and the others had a finger on the lens. Since Deela and Lana are not up to pay-level yet, neither one of them get paid. Pretty simple so far, right? Well, it gets a bit more complicated as you climb up in the photography/modeling professions. I'll do a separate post about it later in the week, but for now I'll just break it down in text because my game is still as slow as a turtle with a hangover.

Level Zero:
-Model/Photographer has zero stars and 0-2 photography skills (or special skills* for models)
-Model/Photographer pay rate is $0
-Models are limited to freebies & photographers are limited to independent projects

Level One:
-Model/Photographer has one star and 3-4 photography/special skills
-Model pay rate is 10% of whatever photographer gets; level one photographers and models are limited to independent projects and small businesses* (max pay rate from small businesses = $300 to level one photographers, which means the max pay rate to level one models = $30 per shoot)

Level Two:
-Model/Photographer has two stars and 4-5 photography/special skills
-Model pay rate is 30% of whatever the photographer gets; level two photographers and models are still limited to small businesses and independent shoots. Max pay to level two photographers is $600; max pay to level 2 models is $180 per shoot

Level Three:
-Model/Photographer has three stars and 5-6 photography/special skills
-Model pay rate is 40% of whatever the photographer gets; level three photographers and models are no longer limited to small businesses and independent shoots, but impressing the higher-ups will be harder. Max pay to level three photographers is $900, max pay level to to level 3 models is $360

Level Four:
-Model/Photographer has four stars and 6-7 photography/special skills
-Model pay rate is 30-50% of whatever the photographer gets; level four photographers and models are now able to get the high-hitters with a little more ease, if they've been networking and improving their portfolio. Max pay to level four photographers is $1600, max pay to level four models is $800

Level Five:
-Model/Photographer has four stars and max photography/special skills
-Model pay rate is 50% of whatever the photographer gets; level five photographers have no problems working with big names. Minimum pay to level five photographers is $1800, minimum pay to level five models is $600

As you can see, what the model makes largely depends on what the photographer makes. In the special cases of models working with photographers that have a higher level than them, the pay rule still applies. Say that a level one model works with a level five photographer. The model is still paid as a level one model, i.e. they only get 10% of the cut. That means if a level five photographer is making $5000 from the shoot, the level 1 model receives $500. Not too shabby! And in the case of a photographer working with a model that has a higher level than them, well, I have yet to figure that one out. Same goes for agents. I'm trying to figure out what benefit having an agent would serve for sims in the music, fashion, and acting industry. I guess if the agents knew a buttload of famous(er) sims for their clients to meet, that would be their purpose...? Hmm. Also, if you want to try this method but you want to modify it to make it less (or more) involved, by all means do so! I just wanted to put the idea out there, in case someone was curious about it.

Anyway, if you read all that, you're an angel. Happy simming! :)

*Special skills is a section on an actor's resume displaying the special, unique, or beneficial skills they have mastered, such as horse-riding or martial arts. I don't know if they do this for models, but I wouldn't doubt it.
*Small business = a sim-owned business lot worth less than or around $20,000

****Disclaimer: I am not a model, and I know very little about the profession itself. I took the basics of it that I already knew and ran with it. This blog post documenting the "relationship" between a sim model and a sim photographer is not meant to be 100% accurate.****


  1. Wow! You sure put a lot of thought into this--and it turned out awesome! I often wonder if that's something they'll think of including in an EP down the road--a modelling career--but it would've worked really well with either Ambitions or Late Night, with the Stylist & Celebrity stuff. Who knows, maybe it'll come down the line.

    I like how you worked out how to do it in-game, though. I've never had the intiative to tinker around with mods before to try and build what I want, so huge kudos for that--even if you didn't end up with the patience in the end. Maybe one of these days, if EA doesn't fulfill your wishes, your system will keep working out, or someone else will take a liking to the idea and try to make something similar.

    On a side note--Deela is a very pretty sim!

  2. Thank you! :D Yeah it would have. I'm beginning to doubt that they'll add it in, since the modeling career in TS1 was pretty involved (actually, all the Superstar careers were) and the "casual gamer" franchise they're trying to appeal to now probably won't like that. :/

    That's a good point. *sends subliminal mind messages to all the modders*

    Thanks! I tried to spend a little more time on her than I usually do since models often have something striking about them. I gave Deela a bit of a honker, but she wears it well. :)

  3. Cheezy -- I MISS YOU!

    Hope everything is going alright with you, sugar. <3

  4. Great idea! I actually saw this on America's next Top Model and it was too funny watching the models trying to perform some sort of pose while jumping on the trampoline. Hahaha!

    Deela is pretty and a big honker can sometimes add to their looks. Personally I think most models are normally a little unusual looking. Well runway models anyway. ;)