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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random and Infrequent Posting

 ***This is going to be a really short and random post, because I started writing it about four days ago and never finished. Unfortunately, I think I will only be able to update once a week at most for the next five months because exams are approaching, I only have a few months of school left until my next vacation, and I really need to put my nose to a book. Also, I need to devote some time to my new "business" and other creative pursuits. Of course, this means I won't be on Blogger as much, but I'll still be around. Thank you for understanding! :) ***

Remember the bright and cheery village of Greensborough?

Well, welcome to Desolado Valley, home of the Death faeries!
Drastic change in scenery, no?
 The Death faeries, for whatever deed they did, have been punished by the Lyron Kingdom and banished to an unbreakable bubble (the butterfly pavillion) for all eternity. I still have to build the dungeon/prison/castle/whatever you want to call it, but I'm not looking forward to it since it's hard to build in a giant-yet-suffocatingly-small bubble. Something tells me I won't be playing the Death faeries often.

Off-topic, but something I love to do is just pull up Notepad while in-game and jot down a whole bunch of random notes. For instance, what buildings I want/need in a world's district and what roles the citizens of that area have:

I also use NotePad to document what "specialty" rooms I need to build, and what colors/hobbies/whatever the people in the household enjoy.

Really, this is the only way I stay organized. So how do you guys jot down your notes? Do you use a program, or do you prefer the old-fashioned route with a pen and paper? I used to use pens and paper, sheets and sheets of paper, but then it all became too much and I became increasingly paranoid of an "outsider" stumbling across these vague sheets of paper with cryptic notes all over the place and declaring me to be mentally insane.

So, I switched to digital. :)

That wasn't a very strong ending, was it? Ermm....check out the Dillard's new house if you haven't already. And to all a good morning/noon/night! *tips off hat*


  1. That pic looks really freaky, arghhh! ;) I take it you've decided to do something a litter darker. I'm sort of steering that way too. It sounds really cool though.

    Lol to your notes. I used to use paper too but then I got so muddled with what I wrote where etc that I ditched it and now I use Word instead. :)

  2. Yeah, I figured a fairy world full of unicorns and butterflies would be too boring, so I added a giant bubble full of death and despair. ;)

    Word is good for note-taking, too. :) The thing that frustrates me the most about NotePad is that you have to manually press "enter" to start a new line of text. Otherwise it'll just go on and on and on...

  3. Unicorns and butterflies. lol They could be evil unicorns and butterflies. ;)

    Hahaha that frustrates me too! I think that's why I stopped using it.

  4. That's true, but it's not evil enough. >:D

  5. I love it!! Between the creepiness and whatever terrain you used on the ground, it's totally perfect!

    I tend to use notepad to take notes as well, actually. I've got a few saved on my desktop that list various things that I... can't really talk about, ahem... But my binder is where I do most of my brainstorming. It's more mobile, and it feels good to write some things out physically. Not quite as fast and editable, though. :)

  6. I used lava and lava cracks, two terrains that I made myself. :D Well technically I found a photo online and somehow created a texture out of it but that still counts, right? ;)

    *high fives*

  7. That looks pretty scary.

    I tend to make my notes for stories on hidden pages in the blog. Or in my brain...which may not work as well.

    As for updates, when you can. I'll be reading though I haven't been your best commentator to date. I am here!

  8. Thanks!

    Yeah...I used to store them in my brain, but then I have a hard time trying to find them.

    Ahh don't worry about that, I often read and forget to comment on other blogs as well. I think I'll stick to once a week, since my schedule is still busy with things I don't really want to do. :)