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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Casa de Dillard

(can I just note that this freakin' house ate up ALL but 452 of their simoleans, and they had 300k?)

I should probably show you the house before they mess it up with booze, parties, and empty plasma juice boxes no? Alrighty then, so welcome to...

~Casa de Dillard~

Finally finished...for now.
I couldn't finish the house because I ran out of money and ideas of how to occupy the extra space. However, I did manage to get most of it done, so I'll show you the "major" rooms as well as the floorplans. I won't bother you guys with the not-so-important rooms, because there are MANY of them. I seriously underestimated the size of the plan. For a second, I actually thought it wouldn't be big enough. Silly me.

Also, I tried something new: furnishing a sim's room by their favorite color. I'd say the hardest by far was Jacob and Trudy's room. Do you know how hard it is to make hot pink and lilac look "mature"? Very.

First up: The Basement

Yes...their basement is seriously this large.
Not an important shot, but I love the way it looks.

Angie's Lounge, aka her "happy place".

Exercise Room, aka Jacob's "happy place".
Angellique's Nursery
Jacob and Trudy's bedroom

Creepy stairs in the hallway. I wonder what it leads to...


...Day Spa, aka Angie's other "happy place".
 And if you're wondering why Angie would need not one, but two happy places, you're about to find out.

First Level:
Traditional homes are kryptonite to evil, club-hopping, city-slicker vampire socialites.
A view of the living room from the foyer
View of the fireplace
View of the TV
The study
The kitchen/dining room
Kristina's bedroom
The bathroom that Kristina and Angellique will eventually share
Second Level:

Thame's Bedroom
Thame's Bathroom
Angie and Beau's Bedroom (bathroom not shown because I ran out of moolah)
Bookmark this post, because you won't see the house in this good of shape for awhile. ;)

**Some Notes**

-I've decided that there is indeed something interesting about Kristina, that I never noticed because I was too busy ignoring her: I mixed up her traits. While I was hoping for a party animal to rival even her mother, instead I got an anal-retentive sim who has absolutely no sense of humor. So we're looking at Perfectionist, Neat, No Sense of Humor, Genius, and Neurotic. Goody.

An update on everyone's favorite colors:
*Trudy - Lilac
*Jacob - Hot Pink
* Beau - Black (of course)
*Angie - Purple (of course)
*Thame - Yellow
*Kristina - Orange (the color of geniuses!)
*Angellique - Green


  1. Wow cheezy, you have done an amazing job! :)
    I honestly don't think I would have the patience to decorate something this big. lol

    Angie's lounge looks oh so fab! Jacob's gym looks fit for a young man. The kids rooms are very sweet and I love the clutter you've used too.

    Eeek to the creepy stairs that leads to the sleeping place for vampires...arghhh! ...and then the creepy creep door that leads to...a day spa? lol ;) That is my kind of place to relax!

  2. Thank you! :)

    I tried to make Angie's lounge look similar to the living room she had at the old house. Unfortunately, her lounge is a lot smaller, but I think I did pretty well. :)

    The clutter makes me grin whenever I look at it. Clutter = happiness

    I thought that maybe if I had stairs leading to a room full of coffins, mortal sims would get freaked and run back up the stairs (thus ignoring the equally creepy door). Then I forgot that sims don't really notice the coffins and will probably go straight through the door to the spa. So I locked it. ;)

  3. So huuuuggeee! Yeah, I don't envy you that task. I seriously felt like the 'cottage' thing I built was huge, and it really wasn't. XD

    It turned out great, though! I usually try to limit using their fave color just for clothes, but you went the extra mile! You had some crazy ones to work with, but it turned out really well.

    I think my favorite room is definitely Angie's lounge, though. The color of the walls is so electric, and I love daring uses of really bold colors. I can really see Angie hanging out there! ;)

  4. LOL, I'm never building a house this gigantic ever again. *knocks on wood*

    Thanks! Angie's room was my favorite part of building the mansion, mostly because of the vibrant colors. Perfect for a party animal like her. ;)

  5. Man, I don't think I'd ever ever manage to do that much decorating on a house that size. That is an amazing job.

    So how long before they trash it?

  6. Thank you! :D If we're being completely honest here, I'm kind of glad they ran out of money.

    I'd give them about one sim day, Trudy had a wish to throw a party the next day. I have yet to boot up the game since out of complete and utter fear.