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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Callaway

Click image for Donald Gardner's floor plan
I started searching around for some more floor plans, and when I found The Callaway, it was a match made in heaven. It's a mixture of traditional, southern comfort, and contemporary. I just had to take it on. :) The interior is not my best work, but I like it anyway. It's quirky.

The Callaway - 2BR, 2BA, 30x30 *click here to go to download page*

Level 1

Level 2

Kitchen and dining room

Entry to the family room through the foyer

The desk nook at the back of the family room

The front of the family room

A nursery, perfect for your little boy/girl

A room I tried to make gender-neutral, but sort of failed at. So, here's a room for your tomboys and sporty kids!

Utility/clothes closet

Master bedroom

Connected bathroom
  •  Built on a flat lot, so you should have no issues placing it in your world
  • The house is about 70k furnished, and 45k unfurnished (whew!)
  • There is an empty room + empty space at the end of the hall for expansion
  • A decently-sized backyard, ideal for small gardens and/or an area to entertain guests
  • The Callaway was built on 250 Cotton Branch Drive in Riverview (I moved the water tower)
  • The only store items needed are the Desktop Lord Sponge and the trophy that came with the Adrenaline Rush set. Both items are free.
  • Features a basement meant to hold one car and is not accessible to sims.

*****Bonus Pic******
It seems that Bizarro Jamie* doesn't exactly approve of her home. (note - Bizarro Jamie is not included with the house)
If desired, I can upload a few "celebrity" sims as well. I think you'll have to manually give them their stars via Master Controller, but they look pretty cool so their genetics might be fun to have around. Oh, and I've been playing around with makeup and hair shades, too. I don't plan on messing with the textures or anything since I have no clue how to do that stuff, but for those who don't like to make different swatches every time they go to CAS, it'll be perfect!

*Footnote: Bizarro Jamie is my makeover of Sunset Valley's Jamie Jolina. I was going to have her be a townie in one of my worlds with a back-story of how she went from being successful to poor, but then as you know, the world file went kablooey and now I'm starting over. If anyone wants Bizarro Jamie as a download, let me know and I'll take out all her store stuff. :)


  1. Just swinging by quickly before we leave. ;)

    Wonderful job on the house! It's so pretty! I've thought of recreating some modern houses from this architecture magazine I've got but I'm way too fussy and slow with building. lol
    You make it look easy though! :)

  2. Thank you! It's good to be fussy and slow, the end result turns out a lot better. I'm impulsive and impatient. :P

  3. Wow, that really close to the original design.

    I sometimes wish I had the patience to build seriously instead of whacking something together in 1/2 hour max. :)

  4. Thanks! :)

    Yeah, it does take a lot of patience, and since my game is still freezing up, I have a lot more patience when I'm building than when I'm actually playing. It's fine though, cranking out super-detailed houses is fun when you have nothing better to do. :)

  5. It turned out great! You did an awesome job of remaking the exterior. I have to give you applause for that--I have absolutely nooo patience when it comes to the exterior of a house.

    The occupant is quite the interesting looking one! hehe!

  6. Thank you! :D Thankfully it wasn't that hard to work with. Lol, it's the complete opposite for me; I love doing the exterior, but I usually freeze when it's time to do the interior. If all my sims could just survive in studio apartments for the rest of their simmy lives, that would be heaven.

    Lol, I know!! I love Jamie, even as a poor, angsty Goth chick.