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Friday, January 14, 2011

Testing and Moving Out

*cries hysterically*

So now that we have that out of the way, methinks Noble Hills is gone. Forever. As in, completely. Can I load it in CAW? Yes. Can I boot it up in EIG? Yes. Does it crash in EIG? Yes. Am I growing impatient with building the same lot 3x in a row and not being able to save it before it crashes? Yesyesyesyesyes.

I am going to try and upload it into the game after I've made some terrain changes, and if it doesn't crash in game, we're good to go. If it does crash, then I have to say goodbye to NH and try to find the energy to crappily create yet another world. Go me. I'm getting sick of this.

So in the meantime, I'm taking extra special care of New Shamaar. I want to be able to load up this world when I'm feeling depressed and think "hmm, maybe I can build worlds!" 

Right, so, onto the speedy testing! 

Cypress Ivory taking in the scenery from her Green Residence
Tending the garden
Fishing, fishing, just keep fishing...
Apparently, sim-vegetarians can eat fish guilt-free. Doesn't that make them pescetarians?
That looks like such a comfy bed
The area of New Shamaar I tested is named "Greensborough", home to the Green faeries. I like it so far, I can't find any routing issues so I'll move onto the next area. :) I'm thinking of starting on either Hellion Village (Fire faeries), Lyron Kingdom (Water faeries), or Desolado Valley (Death faeries).

***[Now, onto the originally scheduled program]***

Love this house. So pretty...
This is Trudy Francois' house. Because she and Jacob are dating, Jacob now lives here as well. I'm ashamed to say that I followed him here shortly after he moved out because I missed him. The homestead seemed empty without him.

Workin' on his pecs
So now I'm left with three choices: A) I can keep him here with his girlfriend, B) I can move him out and leave her behind, or C) I can build a new homestead for the creepy vampire family so they can all comfortably reside with one another instead of stepping on each others' toes like they are now.

Is it sad that I'm seriously considering option B?

Trudy, aka The Girl Who Ruined Christmas Everything
Why hello there, Ms. Grace
Trudy - "What are you doing here? Jakey promised me you wouldn't talk to me."

Don't talk to me like you're Angie, you are not in my good graces right now. I could kill you right here. Nothing's stopping me.

Trudy - "Except Jakey."


Trudy - "If you killed me off, Jakey would cry. And you wouldn't be able to take that."

What makes you say that?

Trudy - "I saw you choke up after witnessing Jakey cry over releasing Tucker, you wimp. It was just a stupid lady bug."

But his tears were so convincing! :'(

Trudy - "Gag me."

And this, dear friends, is why I'm considering option B.

Stone-cold face of EVIL!
So why are you interested in Jacob, anyway?

Trudy - "His stepmom is famous, he's rolling in cash, he's a vampire, and he gives me inside access to the inner workings of the police department. What else could a girl want?"

Oh, I dunno, love? Lust, at the very least.

Trudy - "Love and lust are weak emotions. They get in the way of things. This is purely business."

...I see.

Trudy - "Shh- you're interrupting my soaps!"

Just keep running, running- wait, I feel like I've used that joke before...
Jacob, your girlfriend is a pain in the @$$.

Jacob - *wheezing* "I know."

So why do you keep her around?

***A few magic clicks of omnipotence later***

....what have I gotten myself into?
**Two Hours Later*
It was just a matter of time before the EA bachelor pads wouldn't cut it.
The new homestead, based off of this floorplan. Pretty cool, eh? It's gigantic. I hope I can make proper use of the space when I get around building the interior.

Anyway, it's after 2AM, I'm exhausted, and my eyelids are drooping. Goodnight, all! :)

Update: Here's a few more pictures of Greensborough I forgot to toss in:


Welcome to Greensborough!

My favorite building, Tinka's Lumber Shoppe


  1. Nooooooooo!! Agh! :( I'm really sorry to hear about Noble Hills, cheezy. That is *really* lame. It seems like CAW is a gigantic pain in the arse.... You just aren't having great luck these days.

    Greensborough is looking totally awesome, though. Crypress is very reminiscent of a Plant Sim! Her house looks great, too--with the outdoor bed, lucky gal!

    The little town looks totally cute, too. I love how the path circles around to all the houses. It looks perfect, so far! Well, could probably use a bit more shrubbery (bring, me, a shrubberrryyyyy!) but at this stage those sorts of details aren't what you're looking at I imagine.

    As for Jacob--lol!! Sounds like someone is attached to their creepy little vampire stepson. ;) I love the house you built, though. Reminds me of a castle... It's huuuugge. But, with that many Sims, you pry need the room! The concept photo is awesome, too. It's a good pick I think. :) Can't wait to see the interior.

  2. Thanks for your condolences, really. I appreciate them. They keep me from destroying my computer and then crying about it later. :)

    Thank you! I definitely wanted a Plantsim vibe for the Green faeries, I missed them in TS3.

    Oh they are, and I definitely plan on adding in more flora. Thanks for reminding me! I knew I forgot something...

    I underestimated Jacob's importance. It was definitely hard for me to let go of him. *grabs kleenex* I will give him hair, though. I think he's been a skinhead long enough. :P

    The mansion is intimidating me right is the family size. Holy cow, seven sims?! What did I get myself into?!

  3. <3 I appreciate the fact you haven't blown up your computer. Try to upgrade it before you go Terminator on it's butt! ;)

    It's always weird and unexpected what Sims we end up finding the most important. Jacob must have something unique about him (creepiness? hehe) that kept you drawn to him.

    With both the mansion and the sims, you'll conquer in due time. :D My advice on the mansion is to only do one room at a time (at least take a coffee break between each), otherwise you'll get sloppy by the end. I end up doing that all the time and it makes me unhappy with the finished product.

    The Sims... They'll take care of themselves. :) Concentrate on the ones you care about the most, and forget about the rest. Can't tell you how many times I utterly forgot that Travis was even part of my household! lol XD

  4. LOL!! I promise we're in the process of upgrading it, thank God. Soon I shall have no more problems...hopefully. :D

    I think it's because other than his vampirism and nasty virtual reality habit, Jacob is the only sane-yet-not-boring one in the house.

    Hmm, yeah, that's a good idea. I think my favorite room so far is the 2-door garage. It just looks so homey and lived-in. :)

    Ahahaha! Poor Travis. :) That's a good idea. Although admittedly, I have a tendency of ignoring everyone in the household and following Angie around all day. She's pretty boring as well (unless she's clubbing), but her facial expressions are priceless.

  5. So I finished six rooms yesterday, and I'll be attempting to maybe finish another 3 in the next hour. *fingers crossed*

  6. I too love the look of Greensborough. Tinka's lumber shoppe is the cutest with those piles of wood out the front!

    Oh oh a plant sim! Too cool. I've been tossing up the idea of creating a sim with, let's just say, not a normal skin color. lol Just for a bit of fun. ;)

    I am loving the new mansion. Omg is it huge. And good luck decorating it which reminds me I am on my way over to check out what you have just posted. :)

  7. Thank you! :D I don't know what I'm going to do with the shops yet, I'm pretty sure they'll just wind up being consignment shops with wood in the inventory...? I'll have to read up on ani's "buy from inventory" mod.

    You should! It's really fun. :) It takes a bit to get used to, but still fun!

    I know right? Ab-so-lute-ly massive. It was a pain in the tush to build.

  8. Awww, poor Cheezy. Noble Hills is gone. :(

    Cypress is very pretty. So is her world. I'm glad New Shamaar is working.

    Oh Jacob, you dared get involved without the express extra permission of the creator? :) I like Trudy, she got spunk - and Jacob.

    That is one huge new home. Good luck to the family.

  9. I know :( It bummed me out, I'm still in mourning.

    Thanks! :) I haven't touched it in weeks, so I'll have to boot it up in CAW and start on the next section.

    Trudy is....growing on me. Like a fungus. A leechy, poisonous fungus.

    It's already driving me insane! Or maybe that's just the game