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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Graphics Cards and other fun stuff

 ***If this post seems disjointed, that's because it is. I wrote half of it yesterday, and half of it today. Sorry!***

I opened up the game today and found this:
A view of Public School 67...I need a new card.
I hate to say it, but I think TS3 has taken its toll on my Nvidia 9500. I don't understand why, or HOW even, since the Nvidia 9500 is supposedly a great graphics card to have. Sigh. Anyway I've given up, I'm going to give the computer some more RAM (since we have some spare RAM laying around anyway) and I'm going to bite the bullet and scan eBay for some new graphics cards. I found some used Nvidia GTX 280s laying around eBay for less than $100, should I bite the bullet and purchase those or settle for smaller? My biggest fear is that my computer can't handle the almighty force of the GTX 280. And yet, I feel like it'd be a waste of money just upgrading from a 9500 to a 9800. Grr.

eta: Found out last night (when I was typing this) that most of my 3 gigs of RAM and 1 gig of video card memory is being eaten by TS3, or something like that. Holy cow!

My poor, poor computer. I bet it's on its last legs. I can hear it wheezing. Anyway, onto cheerier stuff.

Thame playing the piano @ The Prosper Room
Posing for the camera right before getting arrested for being out past curfew
Pregnant Club Dance of EVIL
Sims can indeed dance on tables! I believe the table is that pub table-thingy in Buy Mode, not a regular table.
Little Angellique comes into the world
Jacob grows up
Red Sparkles of Technical IMMORTALITY!!!
Question: is Jacob any less creepy as an adult? Answer: No, not really. Depends on who you ask.
More evidence of my epic graphics fail, although this actually looks kind of cool.
Now that Jacob is club-chasing for his first victim special friend, Thame has to be the filler guinea pig.
As soon as Thame is a YA, he will be a vampire. Simple as that. His creepy eyes are begging for vampirification.
Remember when I said Jacob grew up? I was wrong.

*Stuff I Forgot To Talk About*
  • In case you were wondering, Jacob did find his first prey. Her name is the-mixologist-at-plasma-501-whose-name-I-forget. (Meredith Liang, I think?) I came up with a fun "reward" for the Dillard vampires: they must catch their first prey on their own, and cannot use cheats or lifetime rewards. If they succeed in catching their prey, I will give them the "Master of Seduction" reward. If they also manage to turn their prey at the same encounter, I will give them a bonus reward. I haven't decided what the bonus reward will be yet, but let's just say that Jacob didn't get it. 
  • The guy with the creepy eyes is a maid whose name I forget. I gave them a maid because butlers are too expensive and the Dillards are incredibly messy.
  • I haven't killed off Kristina yet, she's still alive. Could have sworn I took a pic of her, but I guess not. Maybe next time...?
As usual, thanks for reading! Going to go catch up on blogs now. :)


  1. This is a cool update. Freakin' vampires... everywhere. LOL
    I hate to hear about your graphics card. No hopes of of needing to be upgraded or something?
    I have an integrated chip so I know nothing about cards.

  2. I know right? They're everywhere. I haven't seen normally-hued sims in my game since what seems like decades.
    Sigh...I think I need to upgrade it, yes. I don't know though. Dad's working on it, since I know nothing about cards either. Oh well, I think we have some spare RAM laying around, so maybe that'll help...

  3. Ick. :( Yeah, looks like you pry need a new Graphics card. RAM may help things run faster/smoother, but I don't know if it'll make things look less glitchy--but it's surprising it waited until now to go kablooey. Stupid technology!

    In any case--Thame's looking very pretty, and Jacob... Still creepy. The age-up animation for vampires looks wicked. :D

    Angie dancing in the club pregnant is *hilarious*. Love-it! She never ceases to amaze and amuse. ^^

    That maid's eyes are really creepy. Interesting color, but wow. O.o

    I like the 'rewards' you have planned for them catching their own prey. That's an awesome idea! I can't wait to hear about their conquests. ;)

    The more I read about vampires the more I kind of like them, but I haven't had a chance to make a game to fiddle with them to decide if I *really* like them or not. But I do like reading about them!! :D

  4. I know, right? I have no clue how the game "destroyed" it so quickly. I'm just happy that I can still load the game. Sigh.

    When I noticed the red sparkles, I squealed. Nothing like having an "occult" sim to make the game brand-new again. One day, when I get over my initial fear, I shall test out mummies. ;)

    Angie is definitely my source of entertainment now. I love Thame and all, but she's boring...just like her Daddy. It seems that Jacob and Angie are the life of the household. :P

    I know. The eyes definitely threw me off, at first I thought he WAS a vampire and my game was just being stupid by refusing to make his skin glow as well as his eyes. I was dead wrong.

    It'll definitely make things more challenging. Shockingly *sarcasm*, it took Jacob FOREVER to romance that Liang chick. And he still couldn't squeeze in a kiss. Eh, oh well, he has the reward now. Things should be easier now.

    Ahaha, that reminds me of my attitude towards zombies in TS2. I loved reading about them, but i never really played them.

  5. Sorry to here that your having probs with your graphics card. I agree with Kaleeko, it's weird that it wait until now to decide not to work properly. Maybe that's the only way of knowing that you need to upgrade?
    Great I hope it isn't the same for everyone. lol

    I have finally got Bridgeport working and I was surprised by the amount of vampires already in the town. I haven't actually played any yet, my sim self has been too busy drinking and dancing up a storm!
    They look so cool though. Heaps better than TS2 vamps.

  6. Whatever it is, hopefully it'll stop soon...hopefully. Fingers crossed.

    LOL, your simself sounds like a perfect club buddy for Angie! Beau just drags her down whenever she brings him along.
    I definitely agree, TS2 vampires are/were lame compared to TS3 vamps. I always did have a fondness for vampires though, not sure why. I think it's because of the movie Dracula: Dead and Loving It.

    Greatest. Movie. Ever.

  7. Sorry I've taken so long to get here Cheezy.

    I love Thame. She's great. Jacob is pretty creepy though. That maid deserves to be a vampire. No question.

    I am sorry to hear about your graphics card. It's a bummer when your computer decides to start dying on you. I know about that one!

  8. S'okay, I understand. I haven't been around much either. Glad to see you around though! :)

    Definitely. Becoming a vampire is his predestined fate.

    I know right? I showed it to my techie dad, and he said that I'll need some more ram and quite possibly another graphics card. I'm hoping for something in the GTX series, but I don't know if my current CPU can handle it. Lol, I'm talking about the CPU as if it's eons old. I got it in '09. Stupid technology, I refuse to buy a new computer every other year. *stubbornly crosses arms*

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