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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Shamaar: A CAW Tutorial! - Introduction

Err...funny story. I'm pretty darn sure that my game (if not my computer) has gone kablooey. I tried to fix the lag by removing the Sims 3 folder entirely so it can generate a new one, and now three game startups in, my game lags EVEN MORE than before, if freakin' possible. [insert expletive of your choice here]. I'll have to forgo most of my CC to try and keep my mods. I don't even have that much CC. Most of it is just default replacements for hair. So, while I wait for some kind soul, or some EA employee, to fix what the latest patch has done to me (which I will admit is partially my fault because I didn't back up my game), I will find SOME WAY to blog. It was a part of my resolution.

Since my "new game" doesn't have Noble Hills installed, I'm currently refurbishing it to make it sparklier. I must admit, it certainly looks better with a little sprucing. I'm ticked off, however, because after I poured all of my energy into a park, the. game. crashed. Sigh.
R.I.P. Montgomery Park, ye shall be missed and eventually recreated.
As expected, I felt entirely unmotivated to do anything else with NH, and so I thought "what else could I blog about?"
Then I remembered back when I was trying to make worlds, you guys commented on how you're afraid to touch CAW. I, for one, do not blame you one bit. It sucks in your soul, it makes you pull out your hair and stab your keyboard. It's like a digital form of torture. Or it's a fun way to express your creativity. Depends on how you look at it. ;)

So I present to you, the New Shamaar Tutorial!
*...right after another block of text, sponsored by City Hall.*

So Shamaar was a part of a world that I was constructing earlier last year, and eventually gave up on because I loved Shamaar but not the rest of the world. The simplicity was breathtaking. I decided that a smaller world built on the same simplicity would make a great tutorial starter.

So other than wanting to blog, why am I making a CAW tutorial? Well, because you guys are really creative. I know for a fact that you guys can create better worlds than I can, and I'd love to show you guys how! :)

Tutorial Part 1 ---->>>


  1. The first part will either be uploaded tonight or tomorrow. :)

  2. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this as you post it; I am absolutely miserable with CAW, but maybe with a few tips that'll change.

    (Okay, I doubt it, but we'll see how good your teaching skills are first! Can they un-suckify the Kaleeko?)


    LOL, probably not, but I'm willing to try! I suck a bit myself, but it couldn't hurt to try.