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Monday, July 4, 2011

Lovefool Pt. 1 Commentary

 Part 1 of Lovefool can be found here.

 *Warning, kinda rambly and random for the next three paragraphs that aren't really paragraphs but I'm digressing so just read*

I'm currently typing this and publishing it at almost 2AM. I just finished typing up Lovefool Pt. 1, and I'm going to start thinking about what will happen in Pt. 2. I don't know why I tend to plan my stories chapter by chapter instead of planning them all out beforehand, but I think I like it better this way because it leaves room for flexibility. Also, I didn't really want to start this with "oh yeah I'm back", because I never really left. I just hadn't updated in a month because nothing hit me.

Oh, and I changed the "adult content" rating because I don't plan on having nudity or overly descriptive lurve-making sessions (I'm horrible at describing those), so the only "adult" part would be the extensive swearing (thank you, Ella), which anyone above the age 12 has probably heard, seen, thought of, or used on one or more occasion. Just in case though, I made sure to put up content warnings.

Anyway, remember when I mentioned in the first paragraph that I didn't update because nothing hit me? That's okay, go ahead and re-read the last portion of it because I didn't remember it either. What can I say, I'm tired. I always seem to do my blogging late at night. Why brain? Whyyyyyyyyyy? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?


So, as I was saying...I didn't have any idea about what the next update should be until I went to bed one night and thought to myself  "man, how great would it be if I could just sleep for a living? Or better yet, what if I just told everyone I ran off to Las Vegas and became a professional drag queen, but secretly I'm just spending most of my time sleeping?" Yeah it didn't make sense, and I'm already a girl, but whatever and I'M DIGRESSING AGAIN HOLY GEEZ.

So, the drag-queen story above gave life to this little character:

Mark Filroy, at your service!
When I began to get really delirious and envisioned what Mark would be like, the first traits that came to my mind was "bum-like", "sketchy", and "lazy". Does anyone know who Mark really is? Well, I have a general idea, but I'm not supposed to tell you. So hah. :) I'm pretty sure I've made the signs obvious though, and if not, awesome! Wooooo! My job as a amateur sims blogger is to keep things fresh for you guys, so I'm elated when I succeed in doing so.

Oh, and I cut out the scenes of Ella actually meeting her father's family and the ill-fated dinner, because it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. However, since I realize I cheated you guys out of meeting her "other family", I'll show you the picture of one important family member: Tiffany Pinciotti.

So much poise.
This, is the aged Tiffany Pinciotti, aka Bonnie's mother, aka Ella's "evil" stepmother. I actually love Tiffany, especially in this picture from their botched family dinner. You can read so many emotions; apprehension, anger, sadness...all veiled under an air of poise and dignity. You can tell the years have taken a toll on her emotionally. I in no way manipulated her into posing this way. I mean, she's even looking dead into the mirror, without me having to move her there. For a comparison picture, here is Tiffany in her YA stage:

For some odd reason, this is the only shot I have of her. Eh, oh well.
And honestly, Bonnie looks a lot like Tiffany, but black-haired thanks to her grandmother Abbot. Bonnie is also really good at throwing realistic, useable facial expressions, much like her mother.

It must be genetic.
I must say, Bonnie is my current favorite sim out of all my young adult sims, not including Beau and Angie who are still YAs, thanks to vampirism. was that for commentary? Ahahha, better luck next time...preferably when I'm not as drowsy.

Till next time,
Cheezy :)


  1. lol--I love hearing about how Mark came about. THat's hilarious. XDD It's amusing, how characters come about like that!

    I totally get what you mean about having inspiration run dry for a bit; it happens, but I'm glad you found something to spark it up again.

  2. I like your writing method. It makes sense to me. I'd rather go with the flow than have a detailed plan to follow.

  3. Kaleeko - Yeah, Mark was a fun one. :)

    PiB - I think I like it as well. It's a lot easier for me to keep track of, and it keeps my notes a little more tidy. :)