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Friday, June 10, 2011

Generations - Can you feel the (vampire) love?

Ahh, good morning/afternoon/night simmers! You know what time it is...

Time for a lightning-quick update!

Traits: Genius, Loves the Outdoors
Guess who just had a birthday! He's already starting to remind me of Moses.

As soon as Alex grew up, he whipped out his imaginary friend, Moof. At  first, he was just calmly singing to it, but I decided that singing was too gentle for a toddler... I made him chomp Moof's ear. ;)

This picture really has nothing to do with the Camdens, but I just really liked this picture from Bridgeport. Everyone, meet Ella Cartez, in all her childhood glory. Doesn't she look so proud of herself?

In this picture, she is wearing an outfit and a hairstyle that came with Generations. *cough* someone please convert that hairstyle *cough*

I've been missing Angie sorta, so I think I'll go ahead and visit the Dillards for a sec...

 A photo of the remastered Goth home, where the Dillards now reside (with graphical errors to boot!)

Thame: Flirty, Natural Cook, Virtuoso, Genius, Artistic Angellique: Perceptive, Eccentric
 Thame had a birthday, and is currently seen playing with her baby sister Angellique. I think that interaction is called "the claw".

Unfortunately, I do admit to editing Thame in CAS just a tiny bit, because Angie's bone structure does not compliment Beau's freakish eyes in the slightest. She looked fine as a teenager, but when she aged know how in old cartoons, when one cartoon character would choke another character, their eyes would bug out? Yeah. It looked like that.

Kristina: Rebellious, Perfectionist, Neat, Genius
After fixing a slight mouth deformity (again, thank you Beau), Kristina emerged as a lovely yet still uninteresting teenager. The one thing that confuses me is how in the world she rolled the "rebellious" trait. I thought rebels didn't care about trivial things such as vanity, and cleanliness...I mean, how many perfectionist genius rebels do you know? "Yeah, I'll go down to City Hall and fight against The Man, but let me clean the house and practice my protest speech first." 

Trudy...still sucks. It's been so long that I've honestly forgotten why I dislike her, but I do. Angie used to dislike her as well, but now it appears that they're forming an "alliance" of sorts. *glare*

 Sigh, oh well. If Trudy and Angie ruin my game somehow in revenge, at least I have Thame's utter epicness to lessen my pain.

Speaking of Angie and her Beau...

 Here they are, on the rooftop of their mansion, watching the stars together. In their underwear. At 6AM.


They're getting sunburns together. :')

And last but not least, Jacob, who is still amusingly creepy and apparently dislikes children. Did he have that trait before? I'll have to go check. Sad, I was hoping to see how horrifying adorable his kids with Trudy would be. Maybe I'll get her knocked up anyway, just to get on his nerves. Muahahahaha

 Oh well, at least he's finally making himself useful...

"...but at what cost? :("
Doesn't he look pitiful while doing it? Ahahaha, Jacob is a terrible vampire.

And on that note, I think I'll go to sleep. Of course, when Blogger publishes this it'll be morning, but...*continues to ramble*

Goodnight! :)


  1. It's nice to see the Dillards again. It's been a long time.

    I have Generations but haven't quite installed it yet. Those IFs do look pretty cool. Alex is cute biting Moof's ear. :)

  2. Yeah, it has. :) I kind of forgot how much I love them.

    Alex is adorable. :) Generations is pretty cool, but some people are having problems with the latest patch so it probably is better to wait for now.