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Friday, July 8, 2011

Chapter 4 Commentary

Chapter 4 can be read here.

This chapter focused solidly on Jordan and Ella because I wanted to kind of "explain" to everyone why they treated each other the way they did and why Ella usually tried to avoid being alone with Jordan. Basically, on the night she arrived at her bachelorette pad, she broke down over her mother's death (Bonnie was inexplicably absent) and Jordan consoled her. Then, after she stopped crying...well...he consoled her some more, if you catch my drift.

Dirty jokes aside, I didn't really deviate that much from what was actually going on in the game. The "first night" scene was all in my head, but Jordy really does seem to be losing interest in Bonnie and trying to chase after Ella, who is trying to be uninterested because he's her sister's boyfriend. It's all a mess, really, which is why I prefer "boring" Alex and Michele sometimes. :)

Some examples of Jordy being a general (and autonomous) pain:

And even then, she only had eyes for Mark. Oh, what a tangled web my simmies weave.

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: highlight the text to read. I'm pretty sure I've already figured out what song I'll link to when Bonnie finds out about Jordy and Ella. It's a beautiful, heartbreaking song called Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine. I think it suits her perfectly.And for Jordan and Ella's song, I'm thinking either Drumming Song by Florence + The Machine, or Sweetest Taboo by Sade. So many choices! I'm squeeing in my chair as I type this.

Anyway, now that the spoiler is over, I'm so happy to have my first morally gray characters in Six Degrees! I love morally gray characters. I'm really just babbling now, so I'll cut this commentary short. And for those wondering about chapter 3's commentary, I didn't do one; mostly because I had nothing to say about it. So, yeah. :)

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