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Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Drumming Song' Commentary

So, that was quite a fun chapter to try and crank out! I purposely focused very little on Ella because her massive ego took up 75% of the first season, and I don't want that to happen to the second season. I don't know where this whole Eric-Ella-Jordan triangle is going, but it might end in tears. The main reason why I wanted to throw him back into the mix is because  he was a relevant part of Ella's life before moving from Bridgeport, and I felt that with their off-again on-again past, she moved on just a wee bit too quickly. She has a habit of doing that, actually. I also threw him back in there because I think he's awesome. There, I admit it.

Now that I think about it, all of my female characters are "moving on" rather quickly, in a sense. Harlots, the lot of 'em. Off with their heads!

*ahem* Anyway, as you can see, Bonnie's road to recovery will be very difficult and her family isn't making it any easier. I really wanted to highlight the conflict between Bonnie's interests and the interests of her mother and therapist, because I feel that there's a lot of grey area that needs to be highlighted. Bonnie's unstable, so her mother and therapist feel that she should stay in the psych ward until she's been properly medicated and counseled. Bonnie, however, just wants to be out of the place; she feels that she'd have a much better chance of recovery if she were left to deal with her demons in peace. Jack kind of represents the neutral side of things; he knows that going back is what's best for Bonnie, but he also knows that sending her back could end badly. It's all a mess, really. A wonderful mess.

Michele is just being really stupid, and there's no explanation for that really. She's starstruck, and she's only been on two or three dates with guys other than Alex, so of course she's stupidly curious about another guy other than her fiance. This is the potential danger of high-school sweethearts, folks! I know that most HS sweethearts end in tears in most cases, but some of them carry on for the long-term. I do know which category Alex and Michele will fall into, but I'm not allowed to tell you yet. ;)

Another thing this chapter attempted to reveal is that Michele herself is a bit of a socially awkward 'fraidy-cat. The only difference is, Alex's fearfulness is so severe that it makes Mich look normal.

And now, here is a video of Beau dancing in his underwear that I recorded quite awhile ago and just edited today. For some reason, the music skips, but whatever:

 And now, I am missing my Dillards again. I'll probably check in on them again at some point. Life With Angie must go on!

'Till next time,
Cheezy ;)

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