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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lovefool, Pt. 2 Commentary

 Part 2 of Lovefool can be read here.

This episode/installment/update/post felt less hurried and a lot smoother than the last one, but then again, I actually wrote it during the day instead of the middle of the night. Whew, that makes a world of difference!
I swear, Jordan's favorite word must be "giggity". I have never heard a sim, male or female, flirty or not, use that phrase. And yet Jordy uses it pretty frequently, even in normal conversation.

Well I must say, he makes a much handsomer Quagmire. ;)

I completed the character bio yesterday, but I need to update it with Alex's bio. I honestly love Alex. He's an awkward, huggable computer genius with a crush on his best friend. How stereotypical is that? He's so wonderfully predictable and boring. :) I think this story could use a little predictable and boring. He also has a huge nose. So does Michele, Jordan, and Mark now that I think about it. I wonder why I feel the need to give my sims huge honkers? Maybe it's to make up for my small nose...

And now, time for some bloopers!

Bonnie rolled up the want to woohoo with Jordy one day, when I realized that they hadn't slept together yet. Of course, since Bonnie is epic and I felt bad about not paying attention to her "special sim needs", I obliged. Or at least, I attempted to.

Someone *cough*Jordy*cough* decided to completely and totally offend his girlfriend for no reason by saying "nuh-uh". Not once, but twice.

 Poor Bonnie...just look at that face! Look at that perfectly mastered expression of hurt! How can you say no, Jordy? How?

 Ahh, his back hurts. That explains it. Well hopefully, complaining about it will somehow make it hurt less so they can commence the woohooing.

 And like the attention whore sim that she is, she grew jealous of their attention and did her "dramatic idle" thing. She really hates being the third wheel.

And last but not least, here's a picture of Awkward Alex being awkward. I love nerds. :')

'Till next time,

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