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Monday, August 1, 2011

'Goodbye, Apathy' Commentary

Ella with Eric's guitar. Pretty cool (and accidental) posing. :)
This was a hard chapter to plan out. I knew what would happen with Bonnie ahead of time, but everything else just kind of happened out of the blue.

I love (and worked so hard for) Ella and Jordy, but writing the scene between Ella and Eric made me a little teary. Honestly, I don't know which pair I'm rooting for anymore. Oh well, just makes it all the more fun.

I skipped Michele's part because things are going incredibly well for her, and this isn't exactly a "perky" chapter. It wouldn't have flowed well. She'll have some drama in one or two chapters though, it depends on how quickly Luke decides to move.

I also skipped Alex because, well, Alex is boring.

Bonnie is all sorts of miserable, as usual, but something might happen in the near future to perk her up considerably. I have plans for that girl, indeed I do. muahahahahaha

Anyway, I should go now. Thank you all so much for reading. <3

'Till next time,

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