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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monte Education Center

Not much has happened in my game outside of a meteor attack and a brief TSD update of Johnny Gold that I've been too lazy to move I thought maybe I'd spoil you all with a favorite building of mine. :)

It's called the Monte Education Center, and I made it to cater to the school-aged children since there are/were no schools yet. It even has a designated study room for those who need to brush up on skill points - no more hunting for the right bookcase! *dances*


  1. Looks amazing. I need to read your blog from the start. Just read about Jhonny Gold, he was hilarious :D

  2. Wonderful idea and it looks great! It really annoys me there are soooo many rabbit-holes in our hoods. I'm so not good at building community lots either, always downloading them. lol

  3. Aw, thanks. :) It annoys me quite a bit as well, but usually it helps a little bit if I can customize the "shell". :)

    The world I'm currently playing still doesn't have an actual school; I'm thinking of keeping it that way, but I want them to have a prom! :/

  4. Oh I'm totally with you on the teens having a proper Prom. I built a lot specifically for that, though it was for story purposes as well lol, but I just could not let them not celebrate finishing school properly! ;)