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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Johnny Gold: Back to da Valley vs. TWINSIES!

So, my return into Johnny's life wasn't too well-received, to put it lightly.

Johnny: "Wha? Where am I? I had a really long dream that I was gettin' down with virgins and woohookers and now I'm..."

At a trailer park in Sunset Valley.

Johnny: "You're lying to me. I don't believe it. This is just another one of those dreams..."

Suntan: "Grrrr...."

Johnny: "See? You gotta stop playin' around, Big C! You're freakin' out Suntan!"

Hmm, Suntan seems to like his new digs. At least someone appreciates me. *eye roll*

First thing Johnny wanted to do was join the Professional Sports Career. I'm not one to crush dreams, so I'm letting him. Soon after, he had wants like "take a class in athletic", "gain an athletic skill point", and "buy a pet bowl"; is my little Johnny growing up? :')

...Nope. *facepalm*

Johnny: "I was just tryin' to butter you up, Big C. I'm workin' hard, but you can only keep a party animal like me down for so long." *fist pumps*

You don't even know anyone!

Johnny: "So then make me some friends!"

Uh-uh. You make you some friends.

Johnny: "Okay, so now we're chillin' at the beach...this ain't so bad. Kinda like BlueVille. Oh hey look, there's a sim!"

Yes! There's a sim! Hang on while I edit him in CAS...

*fifteen minutes later*

Yes! There's a sim! Now go talk to him.

Johnny: "What, you're not gonna tell me to talk to him?"

I just did.

Johnny: "You know what I mean."

Nope. Your party, your friends, your actions. I'll tell you to greet him but what you do from there is entirely your decision.

Both: "Who the fram are you?!"

Ehmahgaw, TWINSIES!

Suntan: "Yeah...I'll just take this opportunity to chew on the furniture."

Agnes couldn't help but feel a little uneasy as Jared and Johnny stared each other down.

Agnes: "Oh no...there's two of them!"

Of course, to end the uncomfortable awkwardness between the two of them, I had Johnny greet the recently widowed damsel.

Agnes: "Hmm, this fellow looks familiar. Haven't I read about him before?"

Agnes: "So you're new here, right?"

Johnny: "Why yes, yes I am...if you're wanting to show me around." *wink*

Agnes: "Maybe later. But for now, I should tell you the Legend of Pleasantview."

Agnes: "...and it is often said by fortune tellers everywhere that Sunset Valley would collapse into a town full of loading screens, and a valuable goth will go missing."

Johnny: "Gasp! Not the goths!"

Morgana: "Oh Creator, again with those myths Agnes?!"

Suntan: "...I honestly don't know why I'm here."

Because you're cute! :D

Suntan: "Oh. Okay!"

Morgana: "I just wanted you to know that the sun will come out tomorrow and Sunset Valley is perfectly safe. So don't listen to Agnes' silly stories! Just smile and carry on knowing that you'll be dead by the apocalypse anyway!"

Agnes: " dear husband..." :'(

Jocasta: "Gosh, it's so crowded here! I hope no one smells my farts." 

Jocasta: "Keep it together girl...keep it together."

Keep it classy, Sunset Valley.


  1. Oh dear, Johnny and Jared. That could be quite the pair.

    Feel free to dump any of my Sims in the joint to liven it up. They are used to it. :)

  2. I'm honestly terrified of Johnny and Jared. If they befriend each other, SV will self-destruct. If they become enemies, SV will self-destruct. There really is no easy decision on this one. :/

    I most definitely will. Johnny needs some prey. ;)

  3. Lol, this was pretty funny! Omg, Jocasta worried that it's too crowded, I almost spilled my tea all over my keyboard! lol

    Oh I love Jared. He is also a bad boy. Haha! I think PiB is right when she says they are quite the pair. Look out girls, look out SV! ;)

    1. Jocasta was the best part of that update. I thought to myself "ugh, this is going to be such a boring update!" and then Jo made my day. :D

      Oh dear. Look out, game! The douchebag clones are gonna live it up! xD