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Friday, December 9, 2011

Johnny Gold: Gettin' Some

Week 2, Day 2 - Monday Evening

Our resident scumbag decided to check out BlueVille's nightlife, and spotted a young woman whom he would very much like to court.

Johnny: "I'd boink the crap outta that rack. I'mma buy her a Cherry Cassanova."

John Gold, language.

Johnny: "Get off my ass, Creator lady! Shoot..."

*raises brow*

Elisabeth: "Daayyyum baby, your body is bangin'!"

Johnny: "Play your cards right delicate and I can hold it against you."

Oh no, there's two of them! *facepalm*

Johnny: "Yo sexy, wanna do it on the park bench outside?"

Elisabeth: "Oh I can't, I did that at my nephew's birthday party and I got fined for public indecency."

Johnny: "...that's so hot."

Johnny: "Sit tight, luscious. I'm gonna go buy us some drinks."

Elisabeth: "Make mine a Cherry Casanova, please!"

Johnny: "She's so perfect." *girlish sigh*

Am I the only one who finds this picture kind of, oh I dunno, stalkerish and creepy?!

So he bought her a drink...

...which lead to this...

...and this.

Johnny: "That was pretty good babe, but it could've been better. Oh, and if you need some money to increase the shelf space of your rack, hit me up Luscious. Just call me moneybags." ;)

Elisabeth: *eye roll*

Johnny: "You're not all in love with me now, are you? 'Cause baby, love is a game I don't play. The only game I don't play, if yanno what I mean." ;)

Elisabeth: "...Right. Well, this was fun, but I should get going now. I think the drink is wearing off."

Suntan: "Hey Master, look! I'm a dog! Look at me, I'm a dog! Look, Master! I'm a doooggg! I'm so smart 'cause I recognize I'm a dog! Can you teach me how to hunt like other dogs? I'm a dog!!" :D

Bonus Pic:

Even clowns need a drink every now and then. ;)


  1. Oh, my, Johnny that is a match made in heaven. You better keep her number handy.

    Love Johnny's undies. Very....manly. :)

    Fun stuff Cheezy

  2. Since Johnny was a first-timer, the woohoo was horrendous. I wouldn't be surprised if she "accidentally" forgot to tell him she changed her number. ;)

    My Romance sims in TS2 would always have the Lothario cheetah-print undies. I think he deserves them, lol.

  3. YES!
    Way to go Johnny! Awesome update Cheezy :)
    I'm looking forward to more Johnny goodness ;)