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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Johnny Gold: The Douchebag of BlueVille Island

Week 1, Day 1 - Sunday Morning

First, we take a look at our subject's abode. The best way to get to know a sim is by invading his or her personal space, after all.

His home is in close proximity to the gym and BlueVille's largest beach, which is perfect for our dear Johnny - those are his two favorite places! Who would have guessed?

Johnny's home looks like a typical beach shack, but I'm sure the interior will have something of interest.

Although Johnny is a douchebag, he is also poor. I'm sure the style of his bachelor pad would be much..."flashier", if given the choice.

To afford a beach side home in such a popular tourist location, Johnny had to accept sponsorship from SimIams. Unfortunately for SimIams, Johnny's Doberman Pinscher doesn't seem too fond of their glitchy chew toy.

Speaking of Johnny's dog, meet Suntan Gold. Suntan was adopted with the intention of impressing "chicks" with an intimidating canine friend, but Suntan grew to be a very intelligent, quiet, and friendly dog...much to Johnny's dismay.

Speaking of Johnny, where the heck is he?!

Ah yes, where every douchebag with a guilty conscience goes on Sunday mornings: church.

Johnny: "Hey Creator, service is over. Can I go take a class in Athletic?"

Don't be ridiculous, Johnny. You're not a scholar.

Johnny: "Can I go to the gym then?"

Yes, my orange menace. You may go to the gym. Let the games begin.


  1. Hi Johnny. Nice to meet you.


    Good to see you up and running with a new story Cheezy!

  2. It's great to finally have a story that agrees with my game! Thankfully this story/series doesn't require much setup or cc, so I don't have to worry so much about crashing, lag, etc.

    I'm happy you stuck around for the long hiatus. :) It makes me really happy!

  3. Hehehe, I just love me a good douchebag sim. Looking forward to the havoc he creates!

  4. cheezy, yours wasn't the longest suspended blog I follow. I have a couple I still hope might be revived after two years (well, they'd be in a different form but I still hope the person writes again.)

    Sides, you are one of my faithful, could I do less then return the favour?

  5. I love Suntan Gold. Doberman's are one of my favorite dog breeds, close second is German Short-Haired Pointers! ;)

    Welcome back Cheezy! Look forward to seeing more of Johnny! :)

  6. Aw, PiB <3

    Jen - I love Dobermans! :D They're such a misunderstood breed, but with proper love and attention they really are great dogs.