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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ah, so they DO know what it's for!

Crescent City Memorial Hospital
 In Crescent City (downtown Noble Hills), I have a lot called "Crescent City Memorial Hospital". Underneath the lot, is a basement meant for storytelling purposes. Imagine my surprise when I found Daisy over there! Anyway, that's not the main point of this entry. The main point is, when I went to the downstairs area, I found this...

If you guessed that Issac is in a hospital room, then you guessed correctly!
I don't know why Issac was here (or Sandy, for that matter) but I do find it funny that Issac is just chillin' on the bed as if he were a patient at Crescent City Memorial, and Sandy's sitting beside him. I'll just pretend that Issac had a "freakout" as all neurotic sims tend to, and this spell was particularly bad. So, he was admitted to the psych ward and Sandy came to visit.

Ahh, sims. Sometimes, their intelligence is shocking.

And just for kicks...

Daisy's parents would kill me if I let their daughter walk around like this.
This is what Daisy aged up into. Something that isn't a skirt, a very short shirtdress, and a pair of platform boots.

I love her already. :')


  1. Hahaha! That's cute. XD And really bizarre. I love it when random occurrences like that happen!

    Also, that's a really neat idea, having the "stage" hospital right below the rabbit hole. I may have to do that one of these days when I ain't so lazy... I don't have the initiative to build my own town, but I would like to revamp Twinbrook at some point.

    Daisy is quite pretty -- but I'll agree, those paints with those shoes look pretty silly.

    I'm curious, what's that thing right behind her across the street in that screenshot? I can't quite place it... The renualt charging station?

  2. Kaleeko - I know! Totally took me by surprise. I had to do a double-take...

    It's really fun. :D I would show you the rest of the basement's empty, lol. And it still has that awful gravel, and no paint on the walls. Building that hospital room took a wee bit of creativity to make it look like it's above ground, and a part of an actual hospital. I could probably make it look better with CC, but my game will kill me if I add in any more stuff.

    Indeed they do. It was almost an acceptable outfit, but not quite. I will say that it is the most stylish age-up outfit that I've seen so far.

    Yes!! It'd look better with gas stations, but I don't have Fast Lane.

  3. That is awesome and I can imagine how surprised you were.

  4. Dee - It definitely took me by surprise, very amusing little game tidbit. :)

  5. Nice job, the room looks very hospital-y! :P