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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Noble Tour!

*Warning- disturbing levels of mediocrity ahead*

Apple Grove, a working class district in a noble world. Citizens love Apple Grove and its tranquility. There isn't much to look at but the crime levels are low! Great city for working families and senior citizens.

Overview of Apple Grove

Lake Noble is a wealthy district, aptly seated by the "greater" half of Noble Lake. The sims here are rich and of noble class. The country club and the city hall are a few of the many sights to see here.

Overview of Lake Noble

Vista Beach, a beautiful sand district overlooking Milu'ki Bay. Vista Beach is a good location for wealthy sims that love the beach. People who live here are often unemployed party people, or self employed. The reason to this is that people in Vista Beach are often too far from the typical career centers. The Vista Stadium only employs rookies and up.

Overview of Vista Beach

Fort Rouge, the only complete part of the world, is an old French town founded over thirty simyears ago by Pierre Rouge. The discovery of Fort Rouge lead to the population of Noble Hills. The quaint town is rich in historical value, but it's quite a long trip, that involves subways. Pierre refused to build roads in his haven. Word is, Pierre hasn't visibly aged one bit since the day he arrived here. Hmmm...

Overview of Fort Rouge
So there you have it- a complete world tour. Well, almost a complete one. I already showed you Crescent City. As you can see, it's very plain - but it loads (or shall I say, loaded) well and the places I need for storytelling are well-furnished and decorated. I made this world for story purposes, and it functions well as such. I do, however, like the template and I feel that I could make it even better than it already is, and I could probably even make it *gasp*, downloadable! *happy dance*  

-for those curious, this is a large template with a good amount of lots...even though it looks empty. there's a lot of ground to cover on large templates. also, the commute time between districts is fairly long. that's something that I enjoy for realism, but something you might not enjoy for gameplay. keep this in mind if/when you try CAW. also, you can have multiple workplaces, but multiple schools will just result in a headache.-

But for now, I'm focusing on trying to get Six Degrees up and running...again. Dumb game. Maybe I'll just release the next SD update with no photos.


  1. I love that it has so many different districts, it makes it feel like a real town. Great job!

  2. That looks great cheezy. You've done a great job with the terrain paints. Especially on the mountains. I too love the different districts.

  3. Umi & Dee - Thank you guys so much! :D The mountains were the hardest part of making this world, definitely. Sorry I've been MIA, I feel like I've said that one too many times. :P