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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Generations Screenies!

School's almost out, Generations just arrived yesterday, and my involuntary leave of sim-absence is approaching its expiration date. You know what that means...

PIC SPAM!!! *contains spoilers...?*

Traits: Neat, shy, family-oriented, nurturing, eco-friendly
 This is Carol Camden. She's a shy, nurturing gal from Twinbrook who would like nothing more than to settle down with her hubby and raise five a few kids in Sunset Valley. Well, that and a clean house.

Traits: Athletic, loner, computer whiz, frugal, loves the outdoors
Moses Camden, another Twinbrook transplant, enjoys jogging to work in the mornings and clipping coupons. He's currently trying to learn how to overclock his PC so his wife can play her computer games. Hey, even games within games can be graphic-intensive!

He wants to be a firefighter superhero, to ensure that people don't lose their lives to the orange flames of death.

Link to the gorgeousness here
And this, is their SUPER FREAKING AWESOME SPECTACULAR apartment, courtesy of nengi. Some of the furnishings are courtesy of moi, because the apartment was too expensive to buy furnished. Hint: I just plunked down the TV, chair, barstools, desk area, and bed.

Woohoo in the shower = an abundance of pixels
Woohoo in the shower - censors = really weird animations, according to Twallan.

That's really gonna suck for the storytellers that were planning a sexytime shower scene for their stories.

The obligatory pillow-fight-after-woohoo ceremony. Too adorable. Oh, I neglected to mention that Carol's hair and shirt came with Generations, as well as everything on Moses (excluding the shoes, I think).

I made Carol get a job as an amateur babysitter, which is a part of the Daycare profession. Not job, but profession (I had to make that distinction because I thought it was a job). Also, the profession takes place at your sims' home, which means it could be a pretty good job for your Susie/Johnny homemakers. The sims drop off their toddlers and kids to put them in your care, usually between 8AM to 9PM.

After this, she promptly went back to playing video games. ;)

Oof, first day on the job and he's already smacked himself in the face with a door! I should have made him clumsy...

Carol, reading at the Old Pier Beach (again, courtesy of nengi). She's pregnant here, but it was early in the pregnancy so you can't really tell.

This is the new baby Alex, taking a stroll with his mommy. Time flies, doesn't it? And ooh, look!! The baby has expressions while in the stroller! And it moves around! Here, Alex is happy and adorable...

And here, he's angry and a hellspawn! Isn't this fun?

I should be back with more picspam tomorrow, but right now I need to focus on if that'll happen. ;) As always, happy simming!

Small update and extras:
Generations is definitely my favorite EP, closely followed by Late Night. Generations runs pretty well on my system even with most of Twallan's updated mods installed, although it does have its frequent slow moments. My favorite features so far are the interactions (shower woohoo, give flowers, give gifts, etc.), the strollers, and the customizable age spans. Least favorite? Memories. I swear, if EA went any further overboard than they already have, sims would get a memory when they take a $#!+ for the first time. Oh well, at least I get free stuff whenever I upload memories!! :D

Our favorite vampire family is now in a refurbished Sunset Valley! They aren't in the Camden's save file, but I plan on using their offspring as minor characters in an upcoming series. Sigh, now I just jinxed myself. I bet as soon as I start "filming" for the story, my game will cry blood and tears.

Anyway, Angellique Dillard (remember her? Yeah, neither do I) is now a gorgeous toddler, Jacob and Trudy got married (t'was not my doing, trust me) and Angie got promoted to Supporting Actress!


  1. mmmcheezy, we missed you! Good to see you again.

    Carol is very pretty. I see she has a new trait from the EP.

    :D Moses really amused me.

    Oops.. Memories. It can be good but can also be bad :) What about the previous game we had before Generation? Can we still play them without any glitch?

    **palms on face** woohoo in the shower? Oh, my :D Maybe Twallan is right. After all he's one of the creators of no censor mod.

    I think I would love the give flowers interactions. OMG strollers!!! I think I will love this EP, but I would only get it until I get a new computer.

    Good Luck for the finals!

  2. I missed you guys as well!! :) I finally caught up with everyone's stories, so many good plots you have going on!

    Indeed she does. I tried to make Carol as plainly pretty as possible, to give off that stepford wife vibe. I've played with evil kleptos for so long that it felt kind of nice to have perfect sims. ;)

    Moses is awesome! He does all sorts of silly things, like stand five feet in front of the school building while it's on fire...because he "supposedly" can't get to the door.

    Yeah, he's probably right. Ah well...

    I hope you can get the new computer soon, because it's seriously awesome!! :D And you can give several types of flowers as well, I just forget what kind.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! aslhgaklsghalgaa!!! <3333

    Aside from the "zomgschoolhasn'tkilledyouwemissedyouuberhughughug!" I am currently feeling at this moment... Super good luck making it through the last bit! Can't wait for you to hit summer (though probably much less than you, no doubt, lol).

    Super cute pictures--the new family you created looks adorable! They look like they're getting on magnificently with the new EP... Slightly jealous, but I know I'll get Generations in due time. I'll just have to live through you guys.

    lol about the shower--I guess EA decided pixels was enough to make up for wonky animations ;D Still, hilarious! I love all the new animations this EP'll bring. OMnomnom.

    Man, been a looong time since we've heard about the Dillard's--good for Jacob getting married (cough) and, of course, Angie makes friggin' adorable babies.

    I hope everything goes really well with your last bit of school, babe--keep at it! We'll all be here when it's over... If you survive. ;)


  4. *hugs and squees* You have no idea, lol. I'm currently trying to finish up a term paper, but my brain is like "lol no, go play some sims".

    Yeah, that's why I made them! I knew some simmers didn't have Generations yet, so I wanted to show you guys all the cool stuff. :D I can't guarantee that I'll succeed in that, but eh, I can try.

    I know!! I was suspicious about Generations and how good it would be, but it really does put the focus back on simming for the sake of simming. I don't think I've ever had this much fun playing a newborn, and I can't wait until little Alex grows up!! :D

    Yeah, I played the household for a split second or two and Angie just stood there and gave me this really creepy death stare...seriously. Maybe I should pay more attention to them? ;)

    Thanks!! :D I'll try to survive, but there's no guarantee. I might bleed to death over a paper cut.

  5. Hey Cheezy! Good to see your back!

    Loving the picspam shots. I haven't bought Generations just yet, thought I might wait a bit. I've got all my families right where I want them atm and I don't want anything to muck them up. For example, like a new EP or Update/Patch to my game. I wasn't so lucky with the previous EP.

    Generations looks like fun though. Woohoo in the shower, about time! lol Pillow fights, man I missed those!

    Seeing Carol take little Alex for a walk in the stroller is just the cutest! And how funny that they've given the babies animations while in the stroller. Though they do look funny still wrapped up in their baby blanket. lol

    Flowers and gifts, about time too! And customizable age spans. That sounds interesting.

    Thanks for the sneak peek into the new EP. :)

  6. :)

    Thankfully the GEN patch didn't bork up my game, although one of my save files still has the error 12 message (not the patch's fault, I had it before)

    I know! And they're considerably less obnoxious too, since sims can't just randomly do it anymore. You have to click on the bed in order to pull up the interaction.

    Indeed they do, but at least you know that it's alive now. ;)

    It's awesome! You can choose how long each life stage lasts, instead of using presets or mods. Seriously, even if Generations turned out to suck horribly, I would buy it just for that feature.

    Happy to help ;)

  7. Cheezy! It's great to see you. I've missed your presence!

    The stroller is just the cutest thing. I've seen the imaginary friends too, they look pretty awesome.

    Giving gifts and flowers - yippee. Customize lifespan - yippee.

    I have my copy but I have a few things I want to finish before I install. Still, it's looking great.

  8. Wonderful pics, Cheezy! Your Sims are adorable, and I love that the babies actually look alive when they're in the strollers. Awesome! Yeah, that shower woohoo definitely looks weird without the censor...hope you continue to have fun with this EP!

  9. Ack - sorry for the late comments! For some odd reason, Blogger hasn't been notifying me of comments. -_-

    @PiB - I missed you too! *hugs*

    I like how home-made the imaginary friends look, it's kind of cute. :)

    I know right?? :D Custom lifespans are still the best part of the game for me.

    @Jen - Thanks! I hope you continue to work your magic with your game as well, I enjoy reading your updates. :)