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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random Pictures

Just some random pictures of a family I'm playing. They may or may not have something to do with a future storyline...*innocent whistling*

"Naked man to my right, naked man to my right, naked man to my right..."
"Gasp, I'm married!"
"This is some really juicy stuff, I'll need to get some extra pics. My boss is never gonna believe this..."
"Ohmahgaw, I'm married too!!"
All: "HOLY $#!+ SHE'S GIVING BIRTH!!" Trista: "I'm so putting this on SimTube..."


  1. Cute piccies. Looking forward to seeing which of them lead us to your story.

    My fav is the legacy looking bed with hearts in a mostly empty lot and the paparazzi taking snaps. Poor legacy Sims face new challenges these days. LOL

  2. Thanks :) I'm excited to introduce the characters as well. For once in my simming life, I have everything plotted out in my head, but it's the game that's taking forever.

    LOL, I know right? Thank goodness it didn't turn into some sort of sex tape scandal...would not be good for the family. -_-

  3. Oh, and by "the game is taking forever", I meant that the aging is taking forever. Apparently, EA was kind to me and the patch fixed a lot of the lag issues! :D Hopefully it didn't cause issues for others, however...

  4. Nice to see you back! I started catching up while you were on a break, so I'm a relatively new reader here. Based on the pictures, I'm quite excited!

  5. Aaahahahahahaha. XD AWESOME.

    I love the screenshot with the chick taking a photo with her phone while the other gal is having a baby. Seriously.. That is... so hilariously what you'd expect in real life these days, too. XD

    Really cute and hilarious screenies though, Cheezy. It's awesome to see what you've been up to, too. I'm so glad to hear your lag issues have subsided!

    I'm curious though, where's the hairstyle in the... second screenshot from? FL or OLS? It looks EA but I can't place it. (She's a really cute sim, regardless.)

  6. Amelia - Thanks! :D I'm actually a new reader of yours as well, and the Pesces are an awesome bunch.

    Kaleeko - Ahahaa, that was one of my favorites, and the real reason why I wanted to make the post. The rest of the pictures were just filler. ;)

    It's actually a Store hair, I believe. I'll have to check and make sure. :)

  7. Yep, it's from the store. It's called "The Professional".