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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Globe Trottin' With The Roomies

What pain meds do to me...

1. I just dropped a small bottle of hand sanitizer off of my desk, and panicked because I thought it was my tall bottle of water also hanging off the edge of my desk.
2. I took Mandie on multiple vacations with some of her roomies, and took very few pics. So here's a few that I did remember to take.

Mandie and Jason in France (Is it still a relationship if it started with nectar?)

Mandie, the Pick-Wielding Wonder! (Egypt)
"Whoa, hey mister! No need to get violent here!" (lol he was actually holding a mirror that disappeared, and Mandie was doing the "tired" interaction. Still a cool stunt though)
And some things I didn't get pics of:

1. Helena and Mandie are no longer virgins. Yep, they woohoo-ed before the boys did. Is it sad that I feel proud?
2. Mandie found a Mummy. I made her run like hell, and when I saw that the mummy was still walking, I deleted him out of plain fear.
3. Helena tramped around in Egypt and slept with two merchants, and Mandie "cheated" on Jason in France with Gerard Morel (yes, the guy finally taught her how to french kiss!). Not so proud of that. Especially since he was married.
4. Helena's unofficial soulmate lives in Egypt. His name is Yossarian, and he's a Relics merchant. Actually, his name wasn't Yossarian, but it was so close to Yossarian that I just had to change it. I am indeed proud of that one.

Since the girls are still in Egypt, I'll show you Yossarian:

*ahem* If Helena would stop sucking his face off.
He's not bad-looking. At all. Really. EA, thank you.
 Since he's sketchy, flirty, attractive, and possibly perverted, I figured that he'd be perfect for Helena!

btw, none of the guys in France hit on Mandie during her 5 day visit. Yossarian hit on her right after she introduced herself. And she didn't refuse him. (keep in mind, this is after she sparked a relationship with Jason and woohoo'ed with Gerard!)

All of the slutty men have migrated to Al Simhara, I'm just saying.

I'm thinking about having Mandie quit her job (Spa Specialist) to Adventure full-time. The job isn't cutting into her exploration time, but it's kind of pointless when she makes more money overseas...or is that overworlds...

Anyway, here are various pictures of their travels (because they're hardly at home)
The Al Simhara Tomb Raiders, go team go!

"Oh no, she's dead!" Not really dear, she's just extra-crispy.
Jason is definitely not the adventurous sort.
"You evil piece of wood, take this!"

And that's all for today folks! And yes, I am now addicted to solving tombs. I'm thinking about making an adventure world...

It took me all day to type this. I must be a little rusty.


  1. I do like sending Sims on holiday. While some people get bored of it, the locations are pretty, you can meet the locals (very friendly locals in your case) and even if you don't like tombs, there are skills in every location.

  2. So do I, it's so fun to watch them go on mini-adventures! I can see how others would grow tired of it, and to be perfectly honest, I grew tired of it after an hour or so. The Roomies (Mandie specifically) helped ignite my interest in adventuring, because she makes it interesting. Never a dull moment with her, haha

  3. Lol, looks like you had fun! Yossarian is pretty cute, any chance he'll be moving in or is he strictly a long distance boyfriend?

  4. This had me laughing out loud at half the things you wrote. I can see you are having a great time.

    I tried to comment on the previous post and am having problems. I probably confused blogger since I wasn't signed in when I first tried. About the pirates: I am hoping the pre-mades will also be dressed in pirate gear but doubt it.

  5. Umi - I had lots of fun! :D Adventurous sims are so awesome, I can't believe I'm just now getting into WA. I've been trying to get Yossarian to visit Helena, but no such luck. I wonder if it's because he's a merchant? Oh well, they will be together somehow. If I have to cheat to make that happen, so be it.

    Dee - Thanks! :D Yeah, they probably won't be dressed in pirate gear. You'll have to do a complete neighborhood makeover, and even then, there are the townies...

    Of course, you could just call the townies "tourists". ;)